Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I Wiggle My Tail!|Apelz Bunny|PRF

I Wiggle My Tail!|Apelz Bunny|PRF

Hey peeps!  I'm a bunny! I wiggle my tail! I wiggle my tail! *wiggles tail and giggles* :D

 Well not much to this outfit, sorry. To be honest, I just wanted to show off my Apelz Bunny Mod. I added spots, a light fur texture, and has female ahem.."parts". It's my first attempt at making a skin, so I know it's not perfect...but I tried, lol. Apelz bunnies are VERY adorable, but I think they work best for modders. The head is really kawaii, but the skin given is quite bland. I even used a different kind of leg/foot because I wasn't totally happy with them. If you're into furry modding or want to start, Apelz is a cute easy, affordable start.

Pink Ribbon Fair Charity: Blog: [X] | Teleport: [X] (Open)
Orsini - Candy Star

Other Credits:
Head/Eyes/Ears/Tail:  Apelz - Bunny Creme
Skin/Shape: Made it <3 
Whiskers: *Cobrahive* Whiskers (black)
Hair: *Sadistic Hacker* Miko Hair(Pink) *Miku Hatsune Version Available*
Legs (texture modded): Frick Finkler - Mesh Kawaii Legs (MP: [X]) 

- Inuoko Shikami \o/