Friday, August 03, 2012

We're Not Kid Avis.|PRF|VF

We're Not Kid Avis.|PRF|VF

Hello peeps! I've missed yoouuu! <3

I'm incredibly sorry for not posting more, but I had an unforeseen major RL issue that I, unfortunately, could not work around. But, i'm back now! \o/ I even have a rant for you all, but that's after the cut off. ;P

First, I have a few more Pink Ribbon Fair and Vanity Fair items for you all:

Pink Ribbon Fair: Blog: [X] | Teleport: [X] (Open August 4th) 
Tattoo: . Sweet Sin .  - My Spring 4
Handbag: ...:::Le Primitif:::... - Carlyle Bag - Nude Ombre

Vanity Fair: Blog: [X] | Teleport: [X] (Open Now) 
D R O P . - Petit Dress (Pink) *Several Colors Available*
Necklace/Bracelet: [Splash] - Vanity Bow Necklace/Bracelet

Other Credits:
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - YUri III
Hair: =DeLa*= - "Sophie" Brown Pink
Nails: +:+WTG+:+ - **Ribbon-classic** jeweled nail
Feet: [PM]Pixel Mode- Bare Feet - pour Femme

After being forced away from my computer the last few days, I was happy to be able to log into SL last night. My kitty-cat pet Neko was on, and went to see/hear a friend of ours DJ. She returned shortly, after being called a "kid avatar" in local chat by one of the managers and asked to leave...She left and changed into something naughtier yet the same short shape, and was then banned from the club...(continued after the cutoff)

She sports a short avatar like myself, and is also into anime so she equally enjoys a lolita/dolly look sometimes. This cutesy look is often mistakened as "kid looks" in clubs, even though we are taller than most child avatars, and have features that children shouldn't have, like makeup, high heels, and such.

I understand  that club owners have every right to allow certain avatars over others; it's there land, they pay for it. I also understand the fact that the TOS and child avatars makes it very risky for clubs to allow anyone that looks like a child in because they don't want to be reported and be shut down. But unless it says in one's profile that they ARE a child avatar, or talks in SL's "baby talk", might one stop and wonder if they're really a child? Is everyone thats short and cute a child? I mean, no one stops and wonders if every SL naughty dresser is a cyber whore. If it says in their profile that they're an escort then well there ya go, but a lot of times theres no reason to assume it. The only time I assume before profile checking it is if they're almost naked and have "whore" or bimbo" somewhere on them. I think lolitas deserve the same treatment. Why must people assume things?

Once, all lolita'ed up, I went to an adult sim where they were having a party. Most people there were naked, lol (sorry, made me giggle in RL). I tped in, and everyone LOVED me. I had a great time. Most likely, they checked my profile and saw that i'm a Mistress so most likely I wasn't a child. I like that.

Nowadays I even have it in my profile that i'm NOT a child avi. It upsets me that I even feel the need to go that far, as a person whose been in sl for so long, as a mistress, as a succubus, as a person that is open to all looks and styles, as a person who promotes being yourself...I find it unfair. This isn't as bad as people who don't allow furries in their club, but I think it's up there near it on some level. If you wish to look like a little dolly, then why can't you? It doesn't make you a child. Sheesh. I think that even Linden Labs would look at my profile and say, "This can't be a child avatar." And anyone into anime world can see that it looks like Neko and I are cosplaying in cute lolita outfits, not being kids.

Finally, for the record: Yes, i'm petite in SL. Does this make me a child? No. I'm petite in RL, 4'7  to be exact. Yes, that small. I also own a lolita dress, as well as frilly skirts and other cute items. Looking at my ID, it has my age, which isn't that of a child. It's funny, 'cause in RL i'm often mistaken for a child as well, LOL. Poor Kyle, people think that i'm his little sister, hee hee. At least in RL we have ID, but in SL? Well, we do have profiles. Check them. When people start assuming things about others, that's when we do something worse than breaking a game's TOS; we discriminate.