Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Doll.|PRF|VIF|(FG) Anime Head Review

Vintage Doll.|PRF|VIF|(FG) Anime Head Review

Hey peeps! <3

Let's get down to business, yo! Okay, first off, I figured for "Vintage Fair", i'd try to at least pull off one vintage look. Me do good? :D Lol.

Pink Ribbon Fair [X]
Dress: Adoness - Nyxi - Flamingo

Vintage Fair [Map & SLURLs X]
Gloves: *BOOM* - Dame Elbow Gloves (coal)

Other Credits:  
Hair: :::slow loris::: - hair1/brown
Bow: Chus! - Chubow Black *Freebie*
Wings/Heart: *BOOM* - Aranel's Wings (flared) Black
Shoes: Baiastice - Ute - Mesh Pumps-black-

Okay! Now that that's done, I want to share with you all my newest Anime avatar. I do have one buried in my inventory from years ago, but I didn't want to spring that one out for blogging. Soooo I figured i'd just buy another! As an anime fan, I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a few? >.<' Lol well,  this cute avatar head and matching skin set is by (FG), or "Felucca Gustafson" [X]

As a person with wacky texture loading speeds, I think this does a pretty good  job with texture loading, so I like that. It was a bit of a concern for me, you know, trying to take photos with a half-rezzed face. *cough* But, it wasn't a problem. Even the blinking eyes load in just fine. :) 

Only one skin tone comes in the pack which is a bit sad, but I guess it's based on your usual cute, pale anime girl, soooo it works. No real complaints with that. The skin that is included isn't bad either. It's quite nice in my opinion, even though there's nothing spectacular about it, it works. It could be a whole lot worse, trust me. The female shape is nice and can be worn as-is, but like most people will do, just mod it to suit your tastes like I did. 

Like most of the latest anime avis, it comes with an easy to use HUD to change facial expressions.  You can give your avatar face some of the cute, basic anime expressions we're all used to. Also it has lip-sync, meaning that the avatar's mouth moves as you type. :D

I think it's a very good purchase! If you think that the face is adorb, I say buy it! :)

- Inuoko Shikami \o/