Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bubblegum Ice-Cream|Burning Blogger Bridges

Bubblegum Ice-Cream|Burning Blogger Bridges

Hello peeps! Today, Inuoko is "ice-cream flavored"..again, lol. Have you ever tried bubblegum flavored ice-cream? Yummeh. <3

A friend of mine and I were just talking, and a topic came up. If you have no interest in said topic, please scroll down to the end of the post for credits. <3

My fellow bloggers have probably heard this blogger-rule: Do not burn bridges with designers.

This is a great rule to blogging if you don't have enough linden to buy everything you wish to blog, and don't wish to rely a ton on freebies. Nothing wrong with blogger-dealbusters/freebie bloggers, I LOVE them...But, I think I personally would have a hard time portraying my style with only freebies. I'm just too darn picky. And, you guessed it; i'm not rich either. So yes, I do rely on review copies. Have I ever been kicked out of a blogger's review copy group? LOL Who hasn't? I've been at this over a year now, and I think almost all bloggers that accept review copies have been kicked out before, for whatever reason, by the 1 year mark. This includes not actual groups of course; perhaps the person just stopped sending you their items by hand. For whatever reason, it tends to happen.

When it happens, bloggers are told to "let. it. go". Which I agree is the best route to take. Sending the designer a nasty message is never recommended because, well...What if they want you to blog for them again later down the road? As much as i've read SL blogging tutorials (which sometimes includes tips for designers, not just bloggers), i've yet to see one that mentioned about DESIGNERS burning bridges with BLOGGERS.

I've only been around a little over a year. I understand that many bloggers have been around a lot longer than myself. Trust me; i'm not getting review copies thrown at me. I'm not really famous...yet. Sometimes bloggers, for unknown reasons, are suddenly ejected from a bloggers group, or are no longer passed review copies. Please let me clarify; unknown = the blogger was blogging most items given within a decent time frame from when the product was given, with the same or better quality of post from when the review copy was given.

I understand that sometimes it's just time to "weed out the weak from the heard" - perhaps a blogger is kicked because, while the designer wanted to give a blogger a chance, they didn't improve as the designer had hoped. Perhaps some sort of direct or indirect drama occurred, and a blogger is ejected out of spite. But, I assume that these things happen more to lesser-known bloggers than famous ones. Hey, I could be wrong. I'd just like to assume that if one wishes for their business to flourish, they wouldn't be so quick to kick out too many famous bloggers without reason.

Well, I would also like to assume that bloggers don't wake up with their fame. It grows over time. Most bloggers, with blood, sweat, and tears, have the potential to become great bloggers. For bloggers, blogging is OUR business, just as designs are a designer's business. Some people don't realize how hard bloggers work. For this blog, i've given up time with my friends in RL and SL, given up a lot of time with Kyle in RL and SL, skipped meals, and lost a lot of sleep. Well worth it in my book; I love blogging, even if it isn't easy. I know in my heart, one day i'll get my fame too. Is it my reason for blogging? Hell no; I just like playing dressup, and I figured if I was going to spend money to play dressup I might as well put my looks to use. But when I do reach fame, it'll be well earned. As I said, i've been ejected from a group or two, with no explanation as to why. I can handle feedback, I can handle being told that i'm not that good of a blogger, but what I CANT handle is sitting there wondering why the designer had enough balls to eject me, but not enough tell me why, or to ask me to re-apply once I improve something. And, I can honestly say, that a few designers I won't ever blog for again, no matter how many times they try to shove review copies in my face in the future. Bridges burned.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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