Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Reason to Harp on It|PMVHunt

No Reason to Harp on It|PMVHunt

Hello peeps! Today, Inu is dressed as..uhm...an ice-cream demon covered in bows? That sounds kinda awk. How about...A demon who likes bows and ice-cream? Sure, let's go with that. The first one sounds like a Monster Girl, LOL. Oh! I also have a hunt to share you all. :o

*yawn* Ugh. I kinda wanna go back to bed, lol. Buuuut i'm here dishing on the goodies for you all! :D

Dress: [NoRe!] [X] - Strawberry Cuppycake dress (w/ Sprinkles) - I have a pretty new dress in my inventorrrrryyyy! Isn't it just adorb? There are several colors available, and each dress comes in sprinkle/no sprinkle options! :D Both the ribbon and bow are tintable, so I can match it with...other bows...Yeah, I may have overdid it with the bows in this outfit, LOL. Oh well, I think my outfit still came out cute. <3

Tail: .::Kre-ations::. [X] - [PMVH] Demon tail - {Heart Keeper} - The. Lantern. Has. A. Heart. In. It. <3 And, the heart spins. How friggin cute is that? You can score this pretty faded tail for *free* because it is part of the "Pimp my Valentine" hunt, which starts today through - Febuary 15! :D Click here for hunt details: [X

Sometimes, we harp on things. Sometimes, we continuously beat ourselves up about something. This "something" could have been out of our control, or perhaps a chain of events led up to it that were were oblivious to, or perhaps we just weren't in the right state of mind when it occurred. Whatever the reason, we tend to harp on it. Ask yourself; have you beaten yourself up about it enough? Days turn into weeks guys. Sometimes, enough is enough. You can't erase the past, but you can learn from your mistakes and have a better future.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Baby - C tone
Hair + Headband: Lo momo - Ajuga_A >Headband Texture Change<
Eyes: -Suicidal Unborn!- - Jelly Eyes - Brown
Nails: [Love Soul] - Prim nails*Sweet Girl*MEDI
Tattoo Neck: .Pekka. - Heart 2 - Black
Tattoo Arm: -UtopiaH- - World of Candy >Mesh Tattoo< *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]
Piercing Nose: #Ziau# - Amaterasu Piercing Set #Septum ONLY#
Piercing Cheek: Plushberry [X] ~ Spike cheek piercing ~(BLACK)\ Bright
Piercing Chest: Plushberry ~ SPIKED HEART Piercing ~(BLACK)/ Bright
Stickers Face: [ni.Ju] - Face Stars . rainbow
Lipstick: Pink Acid - Juicy Fruit Lips V2 - Pink Lemonade [Fi-Friday]
Lipgloss: .:Acid & Mala:. - Lipbalm - Soft Gloss

Create an OUTFIT:
Socks: *H+K* - thin border socks - (babypink)
Tiara: O.M.E.N - Tiara - Silver
Glasses: (Toki Doki) - pink tortoise frame glasses
Earrings: [HANDverk] - Cake Chandelier Earring.toothsome
Choker: -The Secret Hideout- - Dolly Choker
Bangles Donuts Left: [NoRe!] - Donut Bracelets
Bangles Right: Maubray - Candy Bangle.plum.chalk.pink
Ring Chocolate Left: Schadenfreude - Dark Chocolate Bonbon Topped Heart Ring
Rings Left/Right: -UtopiaH- - Strawberry Ice Cream Ring
Pocky: {Lemon Tea} - Strawberry Pocky >Old Subscribo Gift<
Popsicle: *katat0nik* - (neapolitan) Bear Pop
Boots: Lo Momo - Hiver Boots(Pink)

Spare PARTZ:
Horns: :[Plastik]: - Renne Horns//Dryad >Modded< *Newish*
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] - Schatje Whiskers (wear)
Wings: [2G] - Chibi Wings >Recolorable<