Monday, January 07, 2013

(NSFW) [zs]/Zero Style pop Anime Avatar

(NSFW) [zs]/Zero Style pop Anime Avatar

Hello peeps! Today, I bring you a review and lots of piccies of my new rigged-mesh anime avatar!!! :D Be prepared for my full opinion on this avi, the good and the bad. Note that this review is designed to help you in deciding on if you want this avi, and also helps those who already own it. ;)

I'm telling you! I soooo love this avatar! Isn't she just..beautiful? She was released yesterday (if i'm not mistaken) by Zero Style! :D <3

Before I say anything more, I must point out that I modified this avatar. Sorry for the disappointment, but well...if it makes you feel any better, I will be telling you how to modify the avatar as well later on in this post. The only thing that has been modified is the shape. I also apologize for typos, seeing as this is a very long post.

(NSFW) [zs]/Zero Style pop Anime Avatar

First off, I would like to talk about SOME of what is given to you by default.

-> Mesh Anime Head/Rigged Body/Eyes
-> Copy/Mod Shape
-> 2x Undies, Undies Designer Kit, Knee Socks
-> Huds for the Face and Body [Explained Later]

The mesh anime head and body have been beautifully designed. What attracted me to this avatar in the first place was the beautiful, petite anime-girl body. She has cute little perky breasts, and the curve in the hips that is given/can be achieved is

"Can be achieved". As stated above, the shape is copy/mod. This means that the body can be modified to a small degree. I'm not sure of all the shape's body sliders that have an impact on the body, but I have discovered these: head size, height, shoulders, arm length, hand size, torso length, leg length, hip width, hip length, neck length/width, body thickness. Again, there could be more, but these are the ones I discovered. NO, your cute little boobies and ass can't be made bigger. I figured, like with most mesh avis, it couldn't, but for the sake of doing a review on it, I tried for you.

"What did you mod, Inu?" Well, I modded  few things; I wanted her build to be slightly like my default avatar in some aspects. I wanted her taller, a longer torso, bigger hips, and I changed her head size.

"Why 'head size' on the shape, Inu?" - This is very important. By default, rigged mesh hair (like the ones i'm wearing) will not fit.  The scalp pokes through at the top. MAYBE Magika's hair will fit, but I didn't try it. Didn't feel the need to, because the solution is simple: Wear the avatar and a rigged mesh hair (Not Magika, try something with 1 size). Go into appearance mode. Change your head size to about 65 or so, or at least until your scalp is no longer showing. Click Save As, and re-name your shape to something else so that you don't loose your original shape. Easy, right? Before saving, you may even wish to play around with some of the sliders I listed above, and try and get a little closer to the look you want.

Briefly, I would like to point out the cute undies! You get two pairs of undies, 1 white and one blue stripped or "pantsu" colored, along with a pair of black knee-socks. Also included is a designer's pack of undies, so you can make custom colored undies!

(NSFW) [zs]/Zero Style pop Anime Avatar

Next up, we have the 2 HUDs that are included. You have one hud for the avatar's face, and one for the body.

The "Avatar Hud" changes such things as facial expressions (eyebrows, eyes, mouth, tongue in/out), blush, eyebrow and eye colors, and a toggle for rather or not you want her mouth to move as you type. I think it did a pretty good job in this aspect because there are so so many combinations to choose from. It's like "build a doll"; you choose each part of the face and combine them for the expression you wish to have.

The "Body Hud", is pretty awesome. With it, you can toggle the built-in alpha layer system. As you know, alpha layers only work on your system avi, not mesh. This avatar comes with a system built in that allows you to show/hide different parts of the body, allowing you to wear many mesh/rigged-mesh outfits. Yes I know the shadows don't work correctly for this, but well..No one expects you to leave your avi like the mine in the photo; you're expected to put clothes over those parts, lol. I won't say "all" mesh clothes will work, but from the outfits I tried on, I got pretty good results. Outfits that came in standard mesh sizes were nice, and some didn't require me to use the alpha-system. Even the hoodie from "Utilizator [X]" had a great fit, so I bought one, lol. What about the mesh armor by Utilizator? Not without modding, sorry folks.

Also, the "Body Hud" includes a few more things. For one, you can use it to toggle your undies on and off, without removing having to actually remove them from your avatar. I think it's a great feature, especially since i've been showing her off quite a bit, lol. It makes showing off her beautiful body very easy. And for those of you that are a bit more naughty, i'm sure this will also work in your favor, along with the few different vaginal-spreading states. But, my favorite part of this hud are the 4 different hand poses, separate for each hand. I'll definitely make use of these!

"Wow Inu, so many nice features! There has to be some things you don't like about it!" - Well, there are some things I don't like about this avatar. Note that this is based on MY opinion; to some these are not flaws. Don't get me wrong; these clearly were not deal-breakers for me, but I wish it was a bit different in these aspects.

For one, you only get one boobie/butt size. Personally, at least a slightly more busty version included would have been nice in my book. Another thing is the lack of additional skintones. I understand it is anime-based, but I think that even a anime avatar should include light/medium/dark versions. Finally, and my biggest problem with this avatar; the eyes. The eyes, while not linked and can be replaced...Well, i'm not good at modding. The eyebrows come in a full range of colors to match your hair, yet the eyes come in very few colors. Very few. And, they are not tintable, without tinting the whites of the eyes along with it as far as I tried. Not to mention that the eyes fail in the level of detail, compared to the rest of the body. At least if it had more eye-color options, i'd complain less about how simple the eyes look. I think that an anime-based avatar should have beautiful eyes, the the ones you see in anime.

But again, those little issues I have are not deal-breakers for me. I still love this avatar VERY much, and I think that it is the perfect addition to every anime fan's inventory.

If you require additional assistance with the modding I mentioned, or simple help with using the HUD and what not, feel free to IM me in-world. :) Of course, anything more than this, you should probably contact the creator.

[TP TO: Zero Style @ B@R [X] ]

Happy Shopping~

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Poses: The Secret Hideout & !Bang Poses

Other Credits:
Hair: [Elikatira] - Sound / Studio
Shirt: Violent Seduction - Pink Sailor - Shirt
Skirt: R2 Fashion - A/D/E sailor skirt - pink
Ears: Violent Seduction - Sphynx Ears >Tinted< >Pay2Join Group Lucky Board Gift<
Tail: {Lemon Tea} [X] - Thick Neko Tail >Tinted<
 Shoes: .::Dark Midday Designs::. [X] - "Midday" Super High Leg Warmer Pumps


Krisy said...

Great post, I hope the creator sees this and considers an update with your suggestions, they make sense.

Inuoko said...

Thank you! <3

I hope so as least the skin options if nothing else!

Anonymous said...

I can't find it, only Zero Style place is an a store with old flexi hairs. ;-;

Inuoko said...

@Anon - Please try the link in the post! :3

I'm not sure if it is available at the mainstore; sounds like it isn't. :S

Eclair said...

The av is at the main store. Its near the doors on the wall. Not really immediately obvious.

And yes, its the Zero Style with old flexi hairs.

Also, I have to point out that while this is definitely one of the better anime mesh bodies I've seen, the skin's shading seems to leave a lot to be desired.

It feels like the tones blend together way too easily. With the shading being barely darker than the non shaded bits.

Theres also a weird pinching effect at the wrists.

Inuoko, have you tried the Mami mesh av yet? I think it can be found on the market place if not.

Inuoko said...

Mami? No, I have not. I'll look into it, and if i'm interested, i'll make a review! Thank you! <3

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, what exactly were the alterations from the original shape (number wise)?

Inuoko Shikami said...

Eeeks! That's a toughy! Especially since I did this in January, lol! If you need some help, please IM me in-world, and i'll try to help! <3

Anonymous said...

what all can this avatar wear im tired of buying avatars just to find there just not possible to find decent priced cloths for them

Anonymous said...

to anyone looking at this review on 2017 thinking about getting it, give it a miss.

while it has been updated to add support for chest sizes there are issues with the eyes being "wonky" the eye applier dev kid does not work it always applies yellow eyes, there is little to no support (the update card does not even work!) a lot of the body parts don't scale with sliders, the creator has not been online for several months, their main store closed and hardly any of their stuff is on the marketplace.

if you are on the look out for an alternative body grab the =asr=sophia it is cheaper and far superior and seems to be actively worked on.