Friday, January 04, 2013

Understanding isn't Always BTB.|BDSM/Gor

Understanding isn't Always BTB.|BDSM/Gor

Hello peeps! Today, Inuoko is dressed as a hybrid. Not just a neko, but a demon as well. :3 And, i've decided to bring you a little information about the word "Understanding".

I know i'm late posting, but I had a very rough morning full of eye-pain, and lack of sleep. I was woken up for various reasons 3-4 times. Ugh. I almost decided not to post, buuuuuut....Well, I have something i'd like to say.

I was on Flickr yesterday (as I usually am many times throughout the day), when the description portion of the image really caught my attention. This person was ranting about the discrimination she faces in the Gorean world because she is a Neko.

I read what she wrote slowly three times over, before responding in the comment section.

"...i've gotten my boyfriend [Kyle] interested in the Gor lifestyle. He fell in love with it very quickly. We're used to BDSM; i'm a femdom, but i'm interested in letting him take the reigns for a while (or who knows, it may be a permanent thing if it suits us). I have poor eyesight so while I do wish to read will be slowly. He wants to teach me. But we talked about it; we wont follow it straight from the book. He will teach me the fundamentals, and some of the "rules", but not everything. We will work with what works best for us; especially seeing as i'm used to being in control. It will be a careful process.

Just like BDSM, no one needs to follow things "by the book". Whats the fun in that? It's about learning it, and making it your own. That's like reading a book and remembering what all the words are, without comprehending the meaning behind the words. That's not understanding.

And, i've met too many people like that in SL and RL that think they know all about things that they couldn't begin to understand when it comes to the slave world. SL...So many "masters" that have been masters for like...a couple months, telling me i'm doing things wrong, when i've been into the BDSM world for years. Because I control my pets through their hearts, their souls, not through a whip. They claim that it is their "lifestyle", but I think it is really just a game to them. People are too close-minded in this world, and forget that "to each their own." There are no "rules"; there are guidelines. Pick and choose what suits you best. We take what we know, make it suitable for us, and achieve happiness. That is comprehending; being able to take those guidelines and turn them into something very beautiful..."

Now, don't get me wrong; for those who do follow Gor or BDSM by the book? Power to ya! You're doing YOUR thing. If you choose to follow all the guidelines, then theres no problem with that. If you're the type of person who enjoys this, there is zero problem with you doing it. It's your life, and you're happy with it i'm sure. The problem arises when people who do follow by the book take it upon themselves to be the "police" and judge others for doing things differently.

It's Second Life for gawd sakes! It's a world all on its own, which contains humans, hybrids, furries, anthros, dolls, mechas, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Once you add Gor and BDSM to it, what SHOULD happen is that all of these new races should be seamlessly included. What SHOULD happen is that one shouldn't be attacked just because they do things differently than you do them. This world is full of so much hate and jealousy. People jealous because they can't balance the task of being a hybrid in Gor roleplay, or because they've branched out to new ideas in BDSM or Gor. That's the REAL problem; people are afraid to be unique, and just like in elementary school, are quick to shun anything different.

Seriously? People need to grow up, and detach their noses from the business of others.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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Aileen Raabe said...

Kudos to you and Gor Neko, for posting.
I am new to Gor and have encountered a bit of atttude from some fundamentalist goreans , because i dared to explore before even reading one of the books. i take that as required reading but by no means as the mantra of gorean life. The books layed the foundation, but if Gor in SL is to be a living culture it will have to be able to evolve. Or else it will fade, like all cultures in RL as well that did not adapt to the change of times and the changing needs and desires of their participants.
I have been very fortunate to have found my Mistress wh is able to RP off the cuff and rule by inspiration and suggestion, and instill my desire to serve her the best i can. I also have been pleasantly surprised by the number of peaceful trading sims that do not permit raids. So I am hopeful that there may develop a perhaps a "Reformed Gor"/ That will do away with some of the uglier aspects of gorean philosophies and allow for different alien species as well. After all even Sdhakespeare's plays are to be performed in anew and creative manner if they are to remain inspiring.

Aileen Raabe said...

Oh wait what am i thinking. Am I an idiot to think that anything line humanity might be possible on Gor.
Just read this outtake of a group chat:

Inuoko said...

Exactly like that! Some people are too BTB. I understand that those are Gor-rules, but jeez! She was caught up in IM, and now should be put do death..what? I guess I should be dead by now because my Jarl has to wait for me to respond while i'm blogging.

And to put down BDSM? That just shows are weak they are, to think either is more superior. Not all BDSM girls are pampered princesses.

It's all about if one follows BDSM or gor BTB or not. It's just in BDSM, people seem slightly more forgiving for not being BTB, unlike Gor.