Friday, April 05, 2013

A Sugar Business

A Sugar Business

Hey peeps! Today, Inu's in the business for sugary-sweet goodness! As always, Inu's being bittersweet. <3

*Stretches* Hey peeps! Inu's still very much enjoying her new mesh head [X]

Speaking of the M3 mesh head, a reader of this blog brought up a potential problem to me about purchasing mods. Apparently, while the head could be manually re-textured without too much difficulty, the eyes cannot. Well, this is without the creator selling the textures full perm so that they work in the HUD. The reader explained to me that because the HUD takes UUIDs to place the textures, and because in SL the only way you can use UUIDs is to have the object in your inventory..sounds like a problem.

As i've said numerous times, I DON'T know much about modding, textures, UUIDs and whatnot, nor am I sure where to read up on such things. My only information is based on what I am told, i'm afraid. If all of this sounds accurate to you, then it is something to keep in mind about this head. I strongly suggest asking someone that you know that might have a clearer answer about this, if you're really curious. Please don't hold me to this info!!!

Ring: Cute Poison - Heart Ring - So awesome! Cute poison released this cute little texture-change ring! And guess what? It's FREE if you join their group!! And guess once more? It is a free2join group! What a steal! <3

Credits and some Vocaloid tunage below! I recommend playing it through your good speakers/headphones for full effect! Happy Friday! <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Body + Closeup: The Secret Hideout
Behind: Bang! Poses

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. - Hope :: A tone
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ - Mesh Hoshi
Neck Blender: *Chromatica* - M3 Head Neck Blender Tattoo *Newish*

Tattoo Neck: .Pekka. - Heart 2 - Black
Tattoo Speech Bubble: {Witches&Rats} - I <3 U
Piercing Face: [ni.Ju] - Marx Piercing . galactic >Group Luckyboard, Free2Join<

Create an OUTFIT:
Corset: ! ellemeno ! - mesh corset - petite pink skulls *New* [The Big Boobies Show [X]]
Skirt: *Milk* [X] - Lil Whore Skirt
Panties: ~SugahTitz~ - Bunneh Babe - Bubblegum
Leggings: *H+K* - 2-tone simple leggings
Stockings: *League* - Side-Gartered Stockings -Black
Boots: Crazy Kitty - cute lolita boots

Headband Spiked: -UtopiaH- - Spiky Headband [teal] *New* [Stuff in Stock]
Headband Bunny Ears: Tentacio - Bunny Headband >texture change<
Headphones: +Half-Deer+ - Etude Headphones (Peach) [The Box]
Hairclip: +Half-Deer+ - Wish On Me Hairclip (Happiness) >Color N/A<
Mask: {PopTart} - Sleepy Mask (Lil Pirate) - RARE >gatcha<
Eyepatch: welldone.atelier / Medical Pach / Pink
Glasses: [ glow ] studio - Zoo Glasses (panda, silver)
Mouthie Candy: [ni.Ju] - Sweets . cotton berry >gatcha<
Collar: c( Two Cats one Cup ) [X] - Ink's Neko Collar of Doom
Necklace Short: Noodles - Petite Bunny Necklace - Pink [Easter Hunt, Might Be N/A]
Necklace Long: [ glow ] studio - Zoo Neklace (panda, silver)
Bracelets Pixel - welldone.atelier/ PIxel Bracelet - Pink
Bracelet Spiked: welldone.atelier/ Spike Bracelet/ Silver
Bracelet Beads: BananaN - Kawaii bracelet *New*
Rings Right: Noodles - Bunny Ring Anodized Lavender/Mint/Pink [Easter Hunt, Might Be N/A]
Wand: {PopTart} [X] - Princess Royal Wand (Unicorn) - SUPER RARE >gatcha<

Spare PARTS:
Tail: Tentacio - No More Bites - pink tail *New* [Stuff In Stock [X] ]
Health Bar: Pinku*Pantsu - mY PIXeL hEaRTs >Inside Gift Pacakage<
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hand - Elegant
Breasts: [deviant] - Lush Breasts >Skin Applier: The Sugar Garden, Tone A for Lush<