Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flickr: Work Around!

Flickr: Work Around!

Hey peeps! Today, i'm sharing a few tips to help you with the new Flickr layout!

If you've been on Flickr recently, you've probably not only noticed the layout change, but the amount of complaints following it. Some people love it, but it seems that most hate it. Me personally? I hate it! But, instead of quiting Flickr, or just sitting around making memes about how much it sucks, I decided to improve my own experience. 

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My largest complaint (which seems to be the largest complaint for others) is the new Flickr homepage. The images are huge, and clutter up the screen. Don't just sit around complaining about change. What if we all quit every time Second Life was broken? Lol. We all just try and work around the problems we face in Second Life, so why not with Flickr too?

So some of you may still be wondering, "what's wrong with the new homepage?" Well, I don't know about you, but my connection isn't aways very stable. Even when it is, can you imagine the amount of bandwidth it takes to load all of those images fighting to load in all at once!? Eek! Let's not forget about others with slower internet speeds, as well as those with slower computers/limited ram. If your computer/connection can handle the tug, then great, but I feel as if some people have been left in the sauce. 

So, what can you do about it? Work around it!

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Instead of having the Flickr homepage bookmarked, bookmark the activity feed [X] instead. Not only will this load way faster, you can also immediately see your recent activity. 

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Remember that there is still a recent photos [X] page! This photos are not as big as the ones displayed on the homepage. One could either bookmark this page as well, or navigate to it. 

Please also remember that multitasking on the internet can slow down your download speeds, thus slowing down the rate images load. If you're looking at Flickr photos, listening to something on Youtube, and dancing around in Second Life like some people do *cough*me*cough*, bandwidth can and 

These workarounds make things so much easier for me! I know it's not the old Flickr, but sometimes we have to adapt to change. I do hope to see a "settings" panel in the future, that one can use to either set the size of homepage images, and/or set the amount of images that load at one time. Until then, i'll be doing my best to work around this. 

Later taters!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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