Friday, May 31, 2013

(NSFW) Nya?~ Neko Mod Review!

(NSFW) Nya?~ Neko Mod!

Hello peeps! Today, I have an awesome new mod to show you all, as well as a few cool accessories!

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! TGIF! Hee hee! Before I get into the mod, I would like to mention to you that The Arcade Gatcha Event starts a new round tomorrow! Yay! I love The Arcade [X]! It's probably not open UNTIL tomorrow though guys, so be patient!

My friend Nomo showed me an AMAZING avatar mod, and I just HAD to have it! I was thinking to myself yesterday, "How cool would it be if someone modded the Viss bunny into a neko or something of the like?". I'm glad someone thought of it! <3

Below is a full review on this wonderful mod, complete with SLURLS, and plenty of information! Before I say anything else, I should mention that I modded the system-shape a bit! Mainly, I just made it shorter. HEAD & BODY NOT INCLUDED!

Instruction Notecard
Copy/Modifiable Shape
Textures: Body Tail, Body No-Tail, Arms, Hands, Legs

Average Modding (Edit-Mode) Skill
The Mod - :DatSasu:. - Viss Neko-women MOD! [X] ( Male/Femboyish Version: [X] )
Mesh Avatar Head: <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head [X]
Avatar Body: ::BUNNY PUZZLE:: VISS Avatar - Female [X] - Male [X] ( More Colors In-world [X] )

Extra Help: 
M3 MESH HEAD REVIEW: Help with the M3 Mesh Head/Getting rigged-mesh hair to fit? [X]

Modding is very easy, but I like to be detailed, and give tips!

I will mainly mention modding of the body, because I explained modding of the M3 Mesh Head in a previous post, linked above. ;)

1) Purchase/unpack the required items, silly! If you already own the body-parts, I suggest unpacking them again or copying them into a new folder. I found it best to start fresh.

2) Rezz these items on the ground from your Viss Bunny folder: Body (2x), Legs (1x), Hands (1x)

3) Drag each texture from your inventory in the Neko Mod folder onto each corresponding body-part that you rezzed on the ground. (ex: Body texture => Body on ground, Hands texture => Hands on ground.) There are TWO Body textures to choose from, so it is easier to rezz 2 bodies so that you can freely switch between them.

3.5) Rename one of the bodies to differentiate it from the other. The difference in the bodies is that one texture has a bit of tail fuzz near the rear, while the other does not.

4) Pick up (Take) all the body-parts rezzed onto the ground back into your inventory. They will most likely put themselves back into the Viss Bunny folder.

5) Rename the Viss Bunny folder and/or the pieces you took back. I nitpick over such things, so I renamed them both. The point is, to not mix them up with the original parts/other Viss mods.

6) Wear the newly modded pieces, along with the alpha in the Viss Bunny folder, and the shape in the Neko Mod folder.

7) Now you're headless. Kinda gross, just sayin'. Put on your M3 Mesh Head! Position and stretch it a bit to get it to fit over the neck of the viss-body; it's very easy. Remember that you'll probably be wearing hair, so it doesn't have to be perfect in the back/hair blind-spots.

7.5) Your M3 Mesh Head skin won't match the Neko Mod body right out of the box. Use your M3 Hud and switch your skin-type to "Rikugou B". Use the RGB color-pad to lightly tint the head for best results. For further modding instructions of the head, including how to wear mesh hair, see here: [X] .

8) You're pretty much done now! Slap on some hair, a tail, and perhaps mod your shape a bit to your liking. Remember that this is a rigged-mesh body, and not all shape-values will actually have affect on the shape.

Q & A:

"That's a lot of instructions, must be difficult!" - Not at all! If you can mod your jewelry to fit around your body, you should have no problem modding this. I just like being detailed on the steps I took!

"Can I wear rigged mesh with this body?" - I highly doubt it. Remember that this is a fursona-body, and was made to be uniquely shaped. I doubt you'll find many rigged-mesh items to fit this shape. Try non-rigged mesh, Viss clothing on the Marketplace, and your favorite sculpty-clothing.

"You're wearing mesh boobs in the first set of pictures!" - Yes I am! I think it would be incredibly hard to get Lolas! Tangos mesh breasts to fit this avi because, well, there's no skin-applier, and it's hard to tint Tangos. I decided to wear my Lush [X] mesh breasts instead, and I tinted them to my liking. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done. :)

If you require additional assistance with the modding I mentioned, or simple help and what not, feel free to IM me in-world. I would be more than happy to help with what I can!. :) Of course, anything more than this, you should probably contact the creator. Please understand that the creator isn't a native English speaker though!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I know I will with this mod! :D <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

The Secret Hideout - Mew
!Bang - Back Up

Hair: [LCKY] [X] Melody - Swelter
Face Stickers: [MAGIC NOOK] - Harajuku Stickers

Create an OUTFIT:
Pasties: Bubblegum Treasure Trove (BGTT) - Heart Pasties - Pink
Panties: ZAP! - Ir mesh sexy lowrise panties

Cat: .::Kre-ations:.. [X] - {Meow! Black} BWCH *Newish* [Black and White Cat Hunt]
Mouse Headband: [Pretty Liar] [X] - Mousey Bow - Glitter Pink *New*
Hairbow: little bones. - Skully Hair Bow - Black Silk *Newish* [SL Fashion Week [X] ]
Floppy Disk: **Myrai Style** [X] - Floppy Disk Mouth *New*
Collar: c(Two Cats One Cup) [X] - Ink's Neko Collar of Doom
Pendant: *katat0nik* - (Big Alice) Wonderland Pendant - RARE *New* [Tomorrow @ Arcade [X] ]
Pencil: .Olive. - the Grandma's Treasures - Hug me Pencil *New* [Tomorrow @ Arcade [X] ]

Spare PARTS:
Ears: Mutation Industries - cat person ears (tuffted)
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] - Schatje Whiskers
Tail: {Lemon Tea} [X] - Somali Neko Tail


Anonymous said...

Too bad that mod was stolen. and you paid someone 500 L for something they didn't even make.

Inuoko Shikami said...

May I ask whom it was stolen from? Please provide proof via links and/or photos, so I may retract this post, otherwise, I must believe that is was not stolen.~ I have no reason to believe it was via what I have seen on the Marketplace.

Inuoko Shikami said...

Please note everyone that I do NOT support stolen products! :O I'm pretty certain that this wasn't stolen though.

Chibi-neko said...

@ Anonymous
It is a pity that you can not see the work that is behind

The Creator can draw and got an account on Deviantart and Animexx. She does not need to copybotten.

It is very credible to show up as Anonymous. This shows their honesty

Inuoko Shikami said...

^ That was my main concern about the comment. One should at least leave me an in-world name so that I can talk to them, and investigate their claims. Or, at least some links as to proof of this. I honestly do not believe this mod was copybotted or stolen, without any proof from an Anon. :( If there was proof, I would immediately yank this post down, as I do not support stolen items.

Ragnakay said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Inuoko Shikami said...

Update: The owner has shown me some pretty good proof of owning the skin (I had to delete the post though, but trust me on this.)

I 100% believe that the creator made this mod herself!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is there a way to have these awesome cute boobs

without the furry parts? I mean with a normal body... Thanks in advance xD

rainbowlovescat said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing! By the way, is it possible to use my default avatar's head with this mod? I don't like using anime heads.. > <

Inuoko Shikami said...

@ Anonymous: Nope! I'm sorry! The body or nothing. :S

@ rainbowlovescat: No problem! And due to the way the neck is made on the mesh body, I don't think it would be possible, i'm afraid. :(

K said...

Hey! Is there a way to make the skin tone for the mesh body any darker possibly?

rainbowlovescat said...

Thanks for your reply Inu! *hugs*

Inuoko Shikami said...

@ K - I'm not sure if you'll get the results you're looking for, but the body is mod, so you *could* tint it...But the textures are no mod! You cannot export the textures into a paint program.~

@rainbow - no prob! :D

Anonymous said...

This modkit uses textures stolen from someone that I know personally. I suggest you start advising people NOT to support this sort of work in Second Life. The original texture shows no nudity and the naughty bits have been ripped from another skin and pasted onto this one. You can get the original unaltered version from Lovelypancakes for free. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CREATOR IN-WORLD. THEY ARE A THIEF.

Anonymous said...

Haha Creator goofed! Look closly at this link posed in the MP she sent trying to show her work, I want you to notice the layers. they arn't very many and it doesn't show the original layer because she is hiding it. I can see one of her addons to the orginal in the layer section. Please do not support this. I am going to start looking into her other mods to see if they where stolen as well. Though the oringal creator will not talk to me about it telling me she doesn't want drama. I believe she deserves some justice.

Anonymous said...

Anon ^^ She doesn't want drama. It is her choice if she wants to "get justice" but she doesn't want that. It is her business. Leave her be :/

Inuoko Shikami said...

I agree with Anon #2....Please leave it up to the creator.

Ragnakay said...

Sorry Inu I'll take you to fix.
This has given me the "alleged" Authorin of mods given today.
Watch her ​​on the date, and the program.
There are no times available layers.

I have now shown due Coppybottens at Linden
(remaining in their acc is only 5 days old)

A poor attempt to troll me

Florian said...

Hey this Mod isn't stolen anywhere, I know The creator from this mod and I was there than she made this mod, she doesn't copy anything from anyone, She is a very great artist, and if you have problem with people making mods that maybe look a bit similar to another mod keep your mouth shut , there isn't a copyright on things that could look similar to something.

Thomas said...

Warning!. it's a troll with multiple accounts! datsasu is a victim of a troll!

Anonymous said...

For the Topic: Since this creator is aattracted once for copybotting.. if it is true or not i dont care... i dont baught anything from her/him. I dont want to get i contact with copybotted stuff so i just buy other stuff. And so much people around her talked about that she had copybotted before that i dont want to get in any trouble. Just my personal way to handle this so dont do drama with me now just because i say how i think about that

Anonymous said...

Silly butt It is copy buttered, xD It isn't the original work. if you would READ it shows and tells you about the mod that was stolen and that the PERSON used someones work and improved it. It was stolen in spite of this from a third party website and is for DL. Datsasu is a victim now. To teach them a lesson not to use others work and just because you improve it. doesn't mean you made it and you should GET permission! She used the orginal texture I REPEAT to "make it her own" and for great justice we offer her mod for free because well it's not 100% her work anyways. So yes it is stolen, and yes Lovelypancakes is a alt. But who could it be?! Exactly~ Didn't need to copy butter it someone already did it because she pissed off alot of people. I wish the creator would stand up and say something. but I gathered enough information to know this isn't false. And have seen the original for myself personally. The lines are in the same exact places as the two avatars where standing together She simply added bits to it. looking at her mods from before it is strange how suddenly this sticks out when all the others seem to fall out... must not be able to do skins very well until someone mapped one and and she stole it.

Florian said...

to Anonymous , I don't know what you mean , Datsasu stated clearly it's a mod and it's made from the vis bunny textures you get if you bought the Avatar so i don't understand why people still think she had copyboted the thing, I can clearly say it's false she hadn't copyboted the texture from anything, I know Datsasu in Real life so think what you want to think i know the truth that it isn't stolen from another creator.

Stephanie Buchheim said...

hay ^^

datsasu does not have the mod stolen

I have a link for the bad mod

and you can not edit ma

there is the worst mod I've ever seen

as is better than the datsasu
I am satisfied with its mod of datsasu
I'm with Florian an opinion

Lunalis said...

Her account is hacking and her shop is offline.....

it is Onta Frengs debt
he has hacking datsasu

We have lost a wonderful person on the marketplace


Florian said...

It is True that here account get hacked by Onta Freng , but she has the Account back , but we have to wait for Lindenlab if they restore here Inventar and Linden Dolar amount , I helped here create a Case to get these thing over, I hope that She will be back later on Marketplace.

So Guys be patient with us.

Ragnakay said...

I'm Home home again ^^
The .:DatSasu:. shop is online :D