Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer School

Summer School

Hello peeps! Time for Summer school, followed by some after-school fun!

Another burning day! Ugh! I barely felt like blogging in this heat, but i'm trying to not let heat slow me down too much! Ugh!

But, it's already well into the afternoon for me, so I do NOT plan to do full credits today. Sorry! I do have a bit of a life, LOL. Feel free to search through a few older posts for the stuff I don't mention, shouldn't be hard to find. Or leave a comment below or IM in-world, and i'll try and get back to you asap. <3

There's a cute little Okinawa summer festival going on, in which I purchased my bikini (B.C.C - Meriel Sailor Bikini - Peach Stripe), and my school uniform (VCO -Summer School look - 03), both pictured above. This event has some very cute items, including gatchas, so I think it's worth taking a peek at. I'm sure i'll return soon to pick up another kini! <3 @Summer Festival [X]

Cat Ears + Bow: O.M.E.N [X] - Destined Cuteness - Spiked Cat - Black RARE >gatcha< - Omen did it again guys. Again. I'm telling you, I adore this store! A gatcha full of twitchy neko and bunny ears (accompanied with a cute bow) have been released at the mainstore! Yay! Collect as many as you can, and trade them with your friends!

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Sakura :: D tone - It's TSG's VIP Group Gift time! If you are a member of the Pay2Join VIP group, please remember to hop on over to TSG to pick up your monthly gift! This month's gift is a super cute free skin with adorable pink lips, and sakura blossoms under the eyes! Freckles and clear gloss not included. :P <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Other Newness Worn:
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Mina
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ - Firefly Antlers (Pastel - Painted) [The Gallery Gift Shop]
Clutch: [Crash Republic] - Pink Gamer Clutch [SL Fashion Week]