Monday, July 01, 2013

.:DatSasu:. - Faun-girl Mod

.:DatSasu:. - Faun-girl Mod

Hello peeps! Today, I bring you another cute mod by .:DatSasu:.!

So, if you're wondering why ".:DatSasu:." sounds familiar, you may remember her neko mod that I blogged in the past [X]. She has released a new mod, and this one is faun-tastic! Yes, another terrible pun.

Before I dive into the details of this mod, I would like to make it clear that the HEAD AND BODY ARE NOT INCLUDED. If you are not willing to buy the parts, please refrain from purchasing the mod-kit. Also, this avatar WILL MAKE YOU CHIBI-SIZED. More details on this below on this. Oh, and there is a semi-nude photo below. I decided not to mark this post as NSFW, because..come on, it's a review! Come on!

Instruction Notecard

Average Modding (Edit-Mode) Skill
The Mod: :DatSasu:. - Lamb Fraun-girl night [X(Male version [X])
Mesh Avatar Head: <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head [X]
Avatar Body: Orange Nova - Luddi Lamb [X] (More colors available, check mp storefront)

Extra Help:
M3 MESH HEAD REVIEW: Help with the M3 Mesh Head/Getting rigged-mesh hair to fit? [X]

I will mainly mention modding of the body, because I explained modding of the M3 Mesh Head in a previous post, linked above. ;)

1) Purchase the required items! If you already own the head/body, it still may be wise to unpack a fresh copy of it (if you kept the box).

2) Rezz these items on the ground IN A LARGE OPEN SPACE. from your Lamb Folder: Arms, Female Torso (or male), Hands ONLY (for mods), Left ear, Right Ear, Legs, Tail. I advice that you rezz these items one by one to mod, because they are LARGE pieces, and it's easier to keep track of them this way. You may also wish to rename the pieces as you go, so that you know which ones are your lamb, and which ones are your fawn-mod. Or, rename the folder! Something!

3) Drag the texture in your Fawn Mod folder onto each body piece. You are given ONE texture, because that is all that is required. Use the same 1 texture on ALL the body pieces. Some body pieces may need the texture dragged onto them more than once, in different areas. Just drag the texture onto the piece until it's coated in the mod.

4) Wear/Add your newly coated fawn-mod pieces, as well as: Lamb Alpha, Lamb Shape, Scale Skeleton.

5) Put on your M3 mesh head. Adjusting is mainly based on "taste", but here are some values to help you along the way:

Datsasu recommends <x,y,z>: 
Position: <-0.0955, 0, 0.1171>
Size: <0.1541, 0.1941, 0.2144>

These are good base numbers to start from, but of course you may set them to however you like. DO NOT COPY/PASTE THE SIZE VALUE. Most likely, only the size of your eyes will change size, and not the rest of your head. manually use the >stretch< function to get your head down to around the size above.

5.5) Use your M3 Head Hud to set the skin tone of the head to: Rikugou A. Tinting shouldn't be required, but is of course optional in case you wish for a slightly darker face.

6) You're pretty much done now! Slap on some hair, pick out a pair/both pairs of horns included in the Lamb Folder, and perhaps mod your shape a bit to your liking. There is NO TEXTURE FOR THE HORNS, but they are very easy to tint to your liking. Remember that this is a rigged-mesh body, and not all shape-values will actually have affect on the shape.

Q & A:

"That's a lot of instructions, must be difficult!" - Not at all! If you can mod your jewelry to fit around your body, you should have no problem modding this. I just like being detailed on the steps I took!

"Can I wear rigged mesh with this body?" - I highly doubt it. Remember that this is a fursona-body, and was made to be uniquely shaped. I doubt you'll find many rigged-mesh items to fit this shape. Try non-rigged mesh, Laddi Lamb clothing on the Marketplace, and your favorite sculpty-clothing.Also remember that each Laddi Lamb comes with a rigged top and bottom, that can be easily modded in Photoshop!

"You're not wearing mesh breasts with this mod, like you did the Viss Bunny!" - I attempted to wear my Lush Breasts with this fursona, but I wasn't incredibly thrilled with the results. Perhaps if I played around with them a bit more? I'm not sure, but you're welcome to try yourself!

"You're not wearing rigged mesh hair with this avatar..." - Eek. Well, While one CAN wear rigged mesh with this avatar, it looks a bit..big. Remember that this is a chibi-avatar, and even rigged mesh hair has it's limits. I personally found it easier to just throw on some un-rigged mesh hair instead.

"I don't want to be chibi!" - Just for you, I tested to see if you could move enough sliders to un-chibi yourself, and I discovered that you CAN. I'm not sure exactly how tall you can get, but you're welcome to try. Personally I found it to be a bit odd, but perhaps with patience you MAY be able to get it to look alright. I wouldn't purchase this fursona if you don't like chibis. You're taking a gamble!

"Can I wear my LL/system avatar head, or a different avatar head, with this body?" - Sadly, it would probably be impossible to wear your LL/system avatar head with this avatar. I don't think that things would line up correctly for that. As for a different prim/mesh head, you probably could, but you would be taking a gamble on it. Keep in mind that the skin tone for this mod was made specifically for the M3 head's Rikugou A setting. With that said, the Rikugou A mesh head should probably work.

"Can I tint the body?" - This probably isn't recommended as it would be hard to get the results you desire, but it's doable.

If you require additional assistance with the modding I mentioned, or simple help and what not, feel free to IM me in-world. Of course, you're welcome to leave comments below for questions regarding this mod, but for a faster response, an IM in-world is easier for me. I would be more than happy to help with what I can!. :) Of course, anything more than this, you should probably contact the creator. Please understand that the creator isn't a native English speaker though! She speaks German.~


- Inuoko Shikami \o/


Hair + Bows: Eep hair [X] - 012 - cyan
Clothes: ::Zee Kat:: - Toony Tiny Top & Bottom for Luddi Lamb >Tintable, Sold Seperately<
Collar: .:BLK:. - Collar >texture change, no rlv<
Hand sparkle: :*BABY PRINCESS*: - Magical Glitter - Star sparkle
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] - Schatje Whiskers


Ragnakay said...

Aww, you're always so sweet, and your outfits always look well thought out.
Thank you for put my Mod
It makes me so happy if you like them <3

.:DatSasu OWNER:.~<3

Inuoko Shikami said...

Thanks so mucchhhh!!! <3 I enjoyed doing this review ^^

Inuoko Shikami said...

Thanks very much Datsasu! I enjoy your work! :D