Friday, January 03, 2014

{Amai} - Now Open.

So...guess what....I NOW HAVE A STORE, WOO!


My store {Amai} is run by myself (texturing) and my friend (mesh builder) and features original mesh and hand painted goods! It focuses mostly on sweets, but not exclusively. ~

Firstly, here is some information:
In-world: [Mall Shop B]
Update Group: secondlife:///app/group/b5b31fb0-3806-7f24-1710-7ff9a5f6566d/about

Blogger App:

Now, some photos + info!

{Amai} Go Nuts! Donuts. [Sprinkles]

{Amai} Go Nuts! Donuts. [No Sprinkles]

{Amai} Go Nuts! Donuts. - Donut mouthies come in two packs, Sprinkles and No Sprinkles. Each pack includes 7 mouthie flavors + 1 “Rainbow Sugar Rush” flavor. Mouthie colors of the sugar rush versions not included.

{Amai} Nyma Group Gift

{Amai} Too Sweet Ice Cream! - Toxic Nyma [Group Gifts] - Special ice cream flavor includes normal hold/eat animation and a “Sugar Rush” rezzable. These items are available in the store group only, for 14 days. Store group is free to join.

{Amai} Go Nuts! Donuts. [No Sprinkles]

{Amai} - Too Sweet Ice Cream! - Yummy ice cream comes in 9 flavors with an eat and hold animation + 1 vanilla “Sugar Rush” rez version. Materials and non-materials included.

{Amai} Sucker Gift

{Amai} Sucker [Freebie 0L] - 2 closed-mouth suckers. You really just see the stick, lol. Materials included, but it looks just fine without.

{Amai} Kumaface.

{Amai} Kumaface. - 4 chocolate bear mouthies decorated with a little icing + 1 milk chocolate “Sugar Rush” rez version. Materials and non-materials included.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/