Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review: Dat Cutie Azz

Review: Dat Cutie Azz
Left: NolitaNoila Resident | Right: Inuoko Shikami

Hello peeps! SFW Cutie Azz goodness!

By now, I am going to out-right assume that if you keep up with fashion blogs (such as this one), you know what a "Phat Azz" is. In case you need a recap... [X].

I originally planned to do this post alone, but after I saw my SL mahm Noli put on hers, I thought it would be cool to show you all what the Cutie Azz looks like on two different body types.

Because I have already done an in-depth look at the Phat Azz *points back up at that link*, I won't do it again here, but I would like to tell you how I feel about this new mesh product.

Left: Cutie | Right: Phat

Below are some of the questions i've been asked about regarding the Cutie Azz so far. Please feel free to ask me anything else in the comment section!

What is a Cutie Azz? Well, it is like the Phat Azz's little sister. Still a beautifully shaped booty, just  a wholeeeee lot smaller.

Why do I need TWO mesh butts? Because two is better than one! Lol. You really don't neeeeed two, but it does give you more options during dress-up time. From my brief experience with Cutie Azz, it looks amazing with innocent looks. I got the, "Oh i'm a virgin, my booty just has a cute shape" vibe from it.

Does this mean I have to buy new skin/clothing appliers? Nope! Cutie Azz is compatible with Phat Azz appliers. HOWEVER original mesh designed for Phat Azz doesn't work (from my experience).

Does this mean I have to mod a new shape? Well...yes, but very little changes have to be made this time. Cutie Azz works well with my normal shape with minimal changes. On the other hand, I had to make a lot of modifications for Phat Azz, because my avi's frame didn't look right. It really depends on the shape you start off with, probably.

This ass looks pretty small...can I wear rigged mesh with it? In some cases!  It honestly depends on what it is, and how it fits your body. I wouldn't go out and buy all the rigged mesh things expecting them to fit; always demo first. But yes, some rigged mesh items will fit over Cutie Azz. Personally, I got a skirt to fit, and my mahm Noli got a dress to fit.

How do I choose ONE azz? Well..how much booty meat would you like to place an order for? Phat Azz is great if you want to rock a big "Phat" juicy bubble butt. Cutie Azz is great if you don't want a ton of ass meat, but still want a cutely-shaped butt. When Phat Azz came out, there were tons of comments about it being too large, and comical even to some. So far, I haven't seen anyone mock the Cutie Azz. However you look at it, are system-bodies are pretty darn ugly. Look at your system butt, then look at my photos...your system butt..my photos. Yeah. Cutie azz is a great way to prettify your booty.

Which azz do YOU like the most? Hmm...I really can't say. Right now I could marry my Cutie Azz, but at the same time, I really do like my bubble-butt Phat Azz. I think it will depend on my mood and the style of clothing I am wearing, which will determine which Azz I wear!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

>On Noli<
Skin: The Sugar Garden [X] - Luna
Hair: [LCKY] [X] - Mori
Lingerie: Blah [X] - My Loveable Pois Lingerie
Thigh-Highs: Chary
Arm/Leg Cuffs: Plastik - Aerin
Mouthie: {Amai} [X] Dango. - Noli

>On Inuoko<
Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Kotoko :: C tone
Hair: *Milk* Hair~Catching Mermaids *New* [Suicide Dollz [X] ]
Eyes: [Buzzeri] Dolly Eyes - Dark Amber
Lipcolor: ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ bubble gum
Facepaint: Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest: Face Paint

PAINful Decor:
Tattoo Feet: {PixelGeek} SLINK feet - Cupycake tattoo

Create an OUTFIT:
.The Sugar Garden. [X] - Scoop Neck Crop Top - My BF LOVES Pink!
Panties: :Forever Young: Tied Panties KAWAII PACK

Big Bow: -UtopiaH- Mesh Bow Headband [in pink]
Little Bow: [Pretty Liar] CandyBow - BubbleGum RARE >gacha< [Omgacha [X] ]
Glasses: (TokiDoki) pink tortoise frame glasses
Eyepatch: Blah. [X] (My Cupcake Patch) Strawberry Rush
Necklace: .Olive. [X] - the Scout's Heart Pendent - Chibi Power RARE >gacha<
Bracelets: .{yumyums}. {star} Way Girlie Bracelets >gacha<



Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I like Phat more. If it's going to be small, I guess I'd just use the normal SL butt, especially because I like physics.
Textures look better on them tho...

Anonymous said...

Is Noli wearing the "thicker legs" version or what is it about the shape that makes hers look more full? I can't put my finger on it.

Inuoko Shikami said...

@Anon 1: That's how I felt at first when I saw photos, but wow! As a blogger I think it looks MUCH better than a system-butt when photographed, and it gives me the option to wear phat-azz appliers without a bubble butt if I want! ^^

@Anon 2: I believe she is, but I think her shape is like this because she started off with her normal cutie-plump shape!

Laoise said...

omg. THANK YOU for this brief Q&A! I've just recently purchased a Cute Azz and I began to regret it because I could -not- find appliers for it. But after reading this, I'm thrilled, but still uncertian.

Kyle Mathome said...

C-cute azz indeed * nosebleed*