Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mommy's Little Princess

Mommy's Little Princess

Hello peeps! I have some scary-cute newness for you!

I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm sure some of you had 3 days off for MLK's Day. Kyle and I spent MLK's Day just hanging out together while he dealt with my PMSing. Sorry Kyle. ._.'

So today's post is mostly about makeup, but I don't want you to forget about the rest of the newness, so please make sure you look over everything so you don't miss out! <3

Have you been to Cosmetic Fair yet? It opened last week, with some AMAZING designers. You see, I am VERY picky with cosmetic designers. Yet, I quickly spent more than I intended to at this round, lol!

The credits for the pic above are in order from <---- Left to Right ----> , and includes only items available at Cosmetic Fair. Other credits are at the end of the post.

>Cosmetic Fair [X] <
1) Pic 1
Lipcolor: ROZENA ~Lovely Gloss~ princess

2) Pic 2
Eyeshadow: .random.Matter. - Pestilence Eyeshadows - Queen
Lipcolor: .random.Matter. - Glossy Chapstick - Anchor

3) Pic 3
Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. Galaxy - Ice Blue
Lipcolor: .The Sugar Garden. Chu Lips - Sakura

This really was an amazing round of Cosmetic Fair, my favorite round so far. Rozena's lipcolors never disappoint me,  the eyes TSG made are so sparkly and cute as well as the lipcolor being very shiny! I cheered when I saw how well the lipcolor blends into the lips.

..I don't know how I ended up waiting so long to introduce random.Matter [X] to you all! Like really..I own a lot of their products,  so it really doesn't make sense...Anyway, it's one of my favorite upcoming stores! It reminds me of..hmm.."Demonic Art." Most of their products have a "dark" feel to them, but they're still VERY tasteful. The owners have some mad drawing skillz.

Last but not least...cute earrings alert! A newish store Gummies [X] has some really adorable earrings out at Kustom9 (details in creds)! If you like little stud earrings that are super kawaii, you should check them out!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Kotoko :: C tone
Hair: .EMBW. Eta Hair
Nails: .random.Matter.  - DeathBow Nails >Slink Only<
Eyes: Lovely Disarray [X] - Vampiric Manifestation Eyes : Unknown
Mouth Blood: Lovely Disarray - Vampiric Manifestation : Fed
Facepaint: Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest: Face Paint

PAINful Decor:
Nose Ring: Cobrahive - N-Swirl
Earrings Cow: Gummies  - Cow Earring *New* [Kustom9 [X] ]

Create an OUTFIT:
Shirt: * VinCue ~ Piper+Top - Raven *New* [Hipster Fair [X] ]
Shorts: * VinCue ~ Poppy+Shorts - Candy *New* [Hipster Fair]
Gloves: LE - No Longer Sold. :(
Socks: C h a r y . - Slouchy Socks - Black [The Azz Show [X] ]

Hairbow: [Pretty Liar] CandyBow - BubbleGum RARE >gacha< [Omgacha [X] ]
Crown: [Pretty Liar] [X] - CupCake Crown - BubbleGum Amethyst RARE >gacha< *New*
Glasses: (TokiDoki) pink tortoise frame glasses
Eyepatch: Blah. [X] (My Toxic Patch) Black/Pink
Headband Bones: .random.Matter. - BoneHead [bone] [common] >gacha<
Choker: .random.Matter. Creepy Crawler Necklace - Butterfly - Purple >gacha< *New*
Rat: Alchemy - Rat Familiar - Midnight *New* [The Fantasy Collective [X] ]
Chimera: Alchemy - Chimera Cub - LE Color - Burnt *New* [The Fantasy Collective ]

Legs/Ass: *Luck.inc* Cute Azz
Teeth: .random.Matter. Belial- Teeth
Horns: .random.Matter. - Acantha Horns - Black
Horns Chest: C h a r y . - Horizontal Body Horns - PINK
Tail: <Hyperborea> - Devil Tail - Black


Anonymous said...

You avatar is so cute!
I love the lips!
I was wondering how you got them to that shape?

Inuoko Shikami said...

@Anon - Hello, and tysm! ^^ I use an alpha layer, and a lot of face-modding lol! This alpha layer isn't for sale, but there are some on the marketplace/in-world! ^^ <3

Kyle Mathome said...

OMG bloody and beautiful... 2 qualities I didn't think could look so well together, but my Inu does it again <3