Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't Pay Attention to my Skin

Don't Pay Attention to my Skin


Monday, bleh! Haha. Well, Inuoko's still a Neko as you can see. Probably the last Neko entry for a little while. I figured i'd wear some pink mesh hair to end this little Neko mini-series, seeing as Kyle said he missed me having pink hair, lol.

Don't Pay Attention to my Skin

 On to something more serious...If you haven't noticed the sign above at The Dressing Room, you should go take a look for yourself. Upon my usual trip to The Dressing Room for goodies, Kyle and I saw that sign. As you know, we're African American in real life and usualllyyy Second Life as well. I was struck with confusion; I wondered who the event guest was that would do such a thing!

 I asked my good friend Google to help me figure out what happened. The SL blog, "The Rumor" had this to say about it:

End Racism

It Girls has been removed for this cycle’s guest for racial slurls. The Dressing Room does not support Racism and neither does The Rumor.

You shouldn’t support Racism either, no one should be judged on their skin, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Do the right thing and end Racism now! 

The company "ItGirls" is a skin store. From what I gather, the owner of the store (Annie Jolifaunt) has been surrounded by drama lately. She claims that she personally had nothing to do with it, though some people seem to think otherwise. I don't know if it was her personally or not so i'm not here to point fingers, but you're free to judge for yourself.

[Click here for the Rumor's post, and comments about the situation. X]

[Click here for Annie Jolifaunt's Response. X]

I don't know what really happened, but it saddens me greatly that it happened at all. Those who did make racial comments only showed their ignorance. They have offended many, shamed themselves and their friends, and have greatly shamed our virtual world. How does the color of one's skin give anyone the right to put down someone else's race? We're all human, we're all made up of the same guts. Racism? Pfft! What century are we in people? Come on.

Coincidently, I wanted to wear this Valentines Day skin from Pink Fuel today. It was only 99L. It only comes in one skin tone but it didn't bother me. I didn't expect to talk about racism but well, sometimes outfits and journal entries do go together well without being planned I suppose.

Don't Pay Attention to my Skin

Here's a quick photo of my daughter Kelly and I. I remember what she told me during our trial adoption. She said that she was so eager to get to know me, she hadn't realized the color of my skin until her friend pointed it out, haha. We're usually two different races, but that doesn't bother us any. I love her very much. <3

And yes...I know what kind of chair Kelly and I are sitting on...LOL.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

 Skin: [Pink Fuel] Alyx <Honey>  - Candy Hearts (dkbrow) *Valentines Day Special 99L*
Dress/Stockings: Zenith Fasion - Paper(Cream) *The Fashion Garret, Under 100L*
Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Watermelon Nails, Full *Gatcha*
Neck Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. A Beautiful Mess *Group Gift, Free to Join*
Panties: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Heart Undies, Cherry *Gatcha*
Anime (Oval) Blush: - DAMNED - AnimeBlush 1
Eyeshadow: (Ag) Cosmetics- Something Sweet Shadow
Winged Heart Pet - *Sanu Chibi-Heart Pet (Chocolate) *Gatcha*
Collarbone Piercing: .Pekka. Crushie Piercing
Collar/Choker: :)(: Spinal Collar RLV BLACK
Shoes - Dark Midday Designs: Black Lace Embraced Pumps White Ribbon
Bracelet: KOSH- IRON HEART BRACELET *Seraphim*
Hair: Magika [Hair] Capture *New*
Ring: Schadenfreude Dark Chocolate Bonbon Topped Heart Ring *Festival of Sins*
Ring: Schadenfreude Waffles Ring *Festival of Sins*
Cuff: W&B Simple Polished Cuff TEXTURE CHANGE