Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Sissy Tucks Me In

My Sissy Tucks Me In
*I made her boobies larger, shhh....<3

Ohai! I've been greeting people with "ohai" lately. I stopped for a while but I dunno..I hate just saying "hello". So..boring. Ohai isn't original, but I find it less boring. Hey, it's a personal thing. *shrug*

 As I type this, the rain is pitter-pattering outside my window..quite relaxing from the day I had. Yes, this is an update from my life..ugh. I recently got my hair relaxed (for ladies and hair-savvy men, you know that a perm waves/curls your hair, and a relaxer straightens it). It's been my ritual for years. Sit down in a chair and be not only bored, but in pain for three to four hours. Yes, hours. I wanted to blog last night, but after that? Pfft! Well, my hair still needs a flat iron ran through it, but otherwise? Pretty straight..considering.

More rl...There's a bill I must pay monthly. I am quite displeased with the business at the moment.  I paid on time, they say I didn't pay at all and that if I don't pay the full amount right now they will sue me! \o/ Oh gee, lucky lucky me. Funny how I "didn't pay them" when they MAILED ME A RECEIPT. They mail me proof that I paid, then say I didn't pay? How stupid can you get? I figured out what THEY did wrong. They put the wrong date on it, and screwed it up in their system. *rolls eyes*

My Sissy Tucks Me In

Anywayyy~ "My Sissy Tucks Me In" lol...I introduced my SL sissy Lilitiger like..two entries ago? It's in "New Beginnings". Anyway, she decided to join me for a little frisky photo-op. Her outfit info will shortly be posted on her blog, here [X].

 Lilitiger is the best sissy a girl could ask for! She's my best friend in SL. We hang out, we cuddle, we go shopping, she watches me work at clubs..I can go on and on. She's a great person to have in your corner when you're happy or feeling blue. On top of that, she can be a frisky tiger *giggle* Gotta love KOing your boyfriend (Kyle) with dirty comments exchanged between two girls. ;) Lilitiger is irreplaceable in my life. <3

My Sissy Tucks Me In

That's all for now~

- Inuoko \o/

Skin: LAQ ~ Ebba - [Cocoa] - 02
Bodysuit: Deetalez - black lace panty girdle
Black arm "fur": [ni.Ju] claw gloves
Whiskers: *Cobrahive* Whiskers (black) (From their bunny set)
Collarbone/Torso Piercing: .Pekka. Crushie Piercing
Hair: ::Exile:: Girls of Summer:Swiss
Cat Collar: K_gs KittyChoker/Bell
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Neko Tail - Black
Shoes: N-core ULTRAPLATFORM "Noir Intense"
Necklace: [ glow ] Necklace Amelie pearl (spine)
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs (free)