Saturday, February 18, 2012

Want to Join My Blogroll?

Want to Join my Blogroll?

1) Add this blog to your blogroll:
My Words Devour Souls -

2) In the comment section of THIS page, post these things:

A) Your Blog Name:
B) Your Blog Url:

That's it!! Easy, right?

Please make sure to add me to your blogroll..if I don't see my blog on yours, I wont add you to mine. Come on, it's only fair. <3


jeypi said...
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Justa Destiny said...

hi there, I love the post about bdsm 8) add me please :

Inuoko Shikami said...

Hello! Added!!! And thank you!! <3 <3

Cherylblossoms said...

add me pls :)

Blog namE: Cherylblossoms


Inuoko Shikami said...

Adddeddddd thank you!! :D <3

ɠεηηα said...

I love your pictures!!! You are very creative, and I can tell you put a lot of work into your pictures.

If you want to exchange links, my info is:
SL Freebie Addiction

Anonymous said...


ίcεε кαиdί said...

Love your blog! :D

here's my info ^^

icee What's Going On

Mini Queen & 121Anna said...

A big thank you from us <3

Our Blog info
The Fashion Night

Our blog is still new, but we hope you'll like it when we'll put more stuff :3

From the Twins

Anonymous said...


Beautiful blog!!!

My own log is:


and it can be found at:


Harleyquinn Constantine said...

Shoptart Insanity

<3 :D

Nameless said...


Dori R said...

You've been in my blogroll for a long time! I didn't even know you had a thing to be added. o uo

Saka's Second Life Fashion Blog ♥♥♥

Miyuki said...

what is a blog url