Friday, July 13, 2012

AMD GPUs Get Shadows!|[PIXELS] ChimeraGear Boots

AMD GPUs Get Shadows!|[PIXELS] ChimeraGear Boots

I. Love. These. Boots. They're by [Pixels], the store known for epic anime-style gear. The awesome store owner Kei sent out these mesh boots, "ChimeraGear" as a beta in  the VIP group. <3 I can't wait until they're released; I soooo want them in black. <3 (Sorry about the leg on the second photo...Inu has big thighs and i'm sure these boots were intended for furry avis so..yeah. Besides, these are just a beta!!! They're still awesome, lol)

My Shirt is by  Paperbag. [X], and is called, "Vampy 2 Frayed". Looks like Inu had some *ahem* trouble putting on her shirt with those claws...haha!

Eyeliner: One Voice Event: Eyeliner: .::CENSORED::. Eyeliner 5

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: "tSg" - Chloe
Hair: Magika - Volume *New*
Tattoo: -UtopiaH-  - Checkers on my Body
Face Piercing: [ni.Ju] - Devils Gangway Piercing

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Tongue: [PIXELS] - Candy Tongue - Red
Horns: [europa] - Maelus horns
Tail: ** - The Tail Fade to Black
Arms/Hands: [PIXELS] - DemonBaby Gloves [Black]
Neckerchief: ::[annaA]:: - Neckerchief - black cross *XYroom*
Skirt: Fuckin' Hawt - Pleat Skirt (MESH) Black
Thong: -Suicidal Unborn!- Basic Thong Black *Star* *Freebie*

"AMD GPUs Get Shadows" --> After the Cutoff <3

 Other Newwwwsss!!!~

Peeps!!! Loooookkkk at the photo at the top!!!! Shadows, I have them!!!! OMG! SHADOWS!!!

*Cough*. Sorry peeps. But I was like that for a good while today when, I realized something strange..I have this little swirly portal looking thing from Ni.Ju. I always use it right where I place a teleporter on my parcel. On my computer it wouldn't glow like it was supposed to,  but on Kyle's it would be perfect.

Well, today? It was glowing.

I automatically knew that it was caused by the latest Firestorm update, "" [X]. I jumped for joy at the pretty sight, but then something clicked in my head; if that object was glowing, what about shadows? Random I know, but i've always wanted shadows, so I thought that maybe it was a sign. I went into the graphics properties, enabled the right settings for shadows, and BAM. Shadows. Never had my laptop run shadows. Usually, with shadows enabled, the graphics in SL would like...melt almost, into a frozen state. Every time I moved/turned my avi it made it worse. I mean, completely...horrible. Like, take SL and turn everything inside out. Yeah, that bad, but much much worse.

According to the changelog [X]...
changeset: 27836:bba2a20f9bc4 date: 2012-02-22 14:30 -0600 user: Dave Parks  summary: SH-2908 Fix for crash when enabling Lighting and Shadows on some AMD GPUs  
Well there we have it. I happen to have an AMD GPU. >.>' If you happen to have an AMD GPU, and have been unable to use shadows, you may wish to give Firestorm a try. :D

- Inuoko Shikami \o/