Friday, July 06, 2012

Fluid|Let Me Devour You

Fluid|Let Me Devour You

The general had a moment of weakness. He tried to tell himself that this would be the only time he would block his wife out of his thoughts; but little did he know that this woman would cause darkness to forever slowly consume his heart.  

Hello peeps!  I know, I know...I haven't blogged anything for Fluid yet...*shrieks* Setting up poses and getting Kyle ready well...took some work. Besides, i've been sorta busy lately. I know, excuses. Sorry!

This photo represents a married army general or someone of power, who has tried all war to stay faithful to his wife. He finds himself having a moment of weakness when a beautiful girl comes on to him hard. He gets consumed by lust, and for a moment he tries to put his wife out of his mind and focus on the woman on top of him. Unknown to him, this "innocent" woman was a succubus. Every moment that passed, she filled his heart with more and more darkness. ~

Well, let me tell you a bit about Fluid:

Fluid is a 2 week themed event that showcases 12 of SL’s best pose, props, animations and furniture designers.  The second rotation’s over arching theme is “That’s Risque“, so as you ca see, the pose above looks a bit..naughty. ;) Fluid is brought to you by The Ego Co!

This wonderfully textured pose chair comes with a few built in, sexy animations.  I wanted to show you all more poses but SL's been bonkers for me lately! I hope it's not just me x.x' I tried guys, I tried.

If you're interested in this chair or viewing more "Risque" poses, please check out the current round of Fluid.:)

Pose: Pulling Strings - The Hot Seat 

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-Inuoko Shikami \o/