Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 10K Views!|Engaged Dream!?|Hebenon Vial Returns

Happy 10K Views!|Engaged Dream!?|Hebenon Vial Returns
*3rd Pose By Yulicie: We Heart It [X]. Eye effect inspired by the anime, Black Rock Shooter.

Yo peeps! I've been determined to get another post out before the weekend was over, so here it is lol. I'll put the credits here, the headlines are after the jump.~ ;)

Skirt: .Mes Sucreries. - My Mini Sweety Skirt - Black [X]

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - YUri III
Hair: Clawtooth: Gossamer Rain - Coffee *Hair Fair*
Tattoo: :Hebenon Vial: - The girl with the Dragon Tattoos *Reopened!*
Chest Piercing: .Pekka. - Crushie Piercing

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Top: Kyoot - Prey Bustier (Bontebok) *Zodiac Event*
Gloves: celoe - mery gloves - mine
Collar: ** - Bound Collar Black
Ring: [*Rotten Defiance*] - *Tribal Ring* *Subcribo Gift*
Ears/Tail: [-pixels-] MetalKat Ears [BLACK&RED] *The Rebel Hunt, Find the 2 bikes*
Shoes: [Gos] - Storm Sandal in Black Leather  

First off, i'd like to say...HAPPY 10K VIEWS, MY WORDS DEVOUR SOULS BLOG WOOOOO <3...xD Sorry, had to. Normally I try and not pay too much attention to views, but when I saw the counter close to 10K, I couldn't help but get a little excited. I want to thank all my blog readers, the old readers and the newcomers. It makes me feel special knowing that you all appreciate my hard work, and that some of you have watched me grow with my fashion sense and photography/photoshop skills. In this blog I not only shared my latest fashion finds, but a piece of my soul as well, as I openly shared with you my daily struggles in real life. There will be many more posts to come, and I hope you'll continue to check in with your Inu for more fashion, rants, and fun for a long long time! <3

With that said, I wanted to mention the dream that I had last night hee hee. Kyle had proposed to me, and to celebrate he wanted to take me somewhere special. I suppose in the dream, Kyle guessed that I liked trains because in real life, as soon as I see one, i'm like a child pointing and "Ooooing" over it. He took me on a long train ride to somewhere to eat. It was a buffet style restaurant,  but somehow still held it's elegance. I know, usually buffets and elegance don't mix very well, but in this place it did. I picked out exactly what I wanted to eat, and they had oh so many choices..Yummy. <3 Well, Kyle and I a lot of fun hanging out yesterday. We joked, we laughed..hard. We watched tv, and played games. We're best friends as well as boyfriend and girlfriend; we like to just kick-back with each other and hang out. My mother says that it is important to be able to hang out and have fun together. She says that if we were married, of course living under the same roof, that there will be plenty of times when we don't actually go out to do something. If when not really doing much of anything and we can't think of much to say, then most likely marriage wouldn't work. I think I can picture that in my head. I think she's very right. No matter if Kyle and I are out somewhere together or hanging out at one another's house, we always manage to have fun together. <3

Finally, I almost forgot to mention that the SL store Hebenon Vial [X] has returned!  They sale very epic piercings and tattoos! Rather if you're a long-time fan of the store (like me), or a newcomer, I highly suggest running over and looking over the old and the new!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/ 


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o////.////o first time commenting... but wow... you just make me blush all over btw.. its me Kyle :p