Monday, July 23, 2012

I Can't Relax!

I Can't Relax!

Yea..I need a belt peeps. No really...I have very few belts in SL *shrug* Oh well. Guess i'll have to sag. :P

My Sweater: In order to wear this sweater I had to's been so hot. xD This sweater is by Yulicie [X].

My Heels: My shoes are called "Ombre", by Paperbag., and are available at this round of Fi-Friday [X] discount event!

This outfit was a little odd for me, slightly out what I consider to be my "usual style" in SL, but i'm happy with the way it turned out.

About my..ahem.."relaxed" style today, with my little cell phone in hand...I don't always have a cell phone activated. What do I do without a cell phone? Yes, life becomes pretty difficult, but *yawn* when I don't have one, people can't call me whenever they want. I don't have a land-line in my bedroom, nor is my land-line personal.  I try to leave my phone on, not knowing if their will be a family emergency, or if i'll hear back from a job I applied for, but every time I turn around, someones calling my phone! Even worse? Over half of the time, they aren't calling to talk to me; they want to get into contact with another phoneless person. On top of this, most of the time people manage to call me when i'm sleeping. Ugh. Not only was I awoken this morning by a phone call, I was awoken again during my afternoon nap. Can't a girl get a decent sleep? -.- *Finishes her bottle of Starbuck's Frappe, then opens up a soda*

- Inuoko Shikami z.z

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: "tSg" Chloe in Cherub
Hair: !lamb. - In Heaven - Milkshake *Hair Fair*
Lipgloss: -Sorry.Asia- LANA Lipgloss *Closed*

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Pants: Perle - ShowoffmeshPants Pink
Thong: -Suicidal Unborn!- Basic Thong Black *Skull* *Freebie*
Glasses: ShadZ - I <3 Dick - Classic *Private Room Event*
Earrings: [EY:NO] - Glamour Cross Hoops
Ring: :::Le Primitif::: - I <3 Dick & Diamonds Ring [Black]
Ring: [EY:NO] - Filigran Ring
Nails + Ring: S (and) P - Pink Leopard: Skull Bow/Long Nails
Horns: {Lemon Tea} - Horny Bumps (Pink)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Upright Demon Tail (Glossy Pink)