Friday, November 04, 2011

Defender of Honor

Defender of Honor
[Windlight, Cropped]

Hello everyone! *Yawn*

It's not as late as it usually is for me when blogging, buttt I got up earlier today to spend some quality time with Kyle before he had to go out into the world. We hung out about 7am, laughed and joked, messed around on the interwebs, and before we knew it, we were passed out sleeping like babies hahaha! Then we got up and spent a couple of hours more together before he had to go.

Defender of Honor

"When someone talks ill of a person you care about,
it doesn't make you mad because you feel as if you 
must defend their honor; it makes you mad because
you know just how good of a person they are,
and that they don't deserve such harsh words."

I'm going to keep this post short yet sweet, just like the little quote I came up with above.  Doesn't it piss you off when someone talks about someone you care about in a mean way? It's hard to stop yourself from being enraged because you feel as if you know the person well enough to judge their true character while this person that barely knows them thinks that they know the person so well. Ugh.

Well yeah...see you next entry~

- Inuoko \o/

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