Thursday, November 10, 2011

Retro Diner, No Pets Allowed

Retro Diner, No Pets Allowed
[Paintshopped, Cropped]

Hello everyone! That surprised I promised~

Retro Diner, No Pets Allowed
[Cropped, Lightened]

IT'S A NEW SKIN!!!! \o/

Sorry Asia recently released a new skin! Welcome to the grid, Alana skin! I was perving Whisper Mizin's blog, "The Killer Kitten" (I was a bit behind I admit), I found a post about new skins.  The Alana skins immediately caught my eye, and I almost had a heart attack!!!

The Alana skins were something I had not expected from Sorry Asia, but I am incredibly happy with them. Smooth skin, GORGEOUS ethnic lips, and look amazing with freckles; what more could one ask for? Kyle uses a Sorry Asia male skin, and seeing as my shorter shape was made to compliment his avatar, I couldn't resist purchasing an amazing skin to go pair alongside Kyle. :)

I did leave a long comment on Whisper's blog about how Perfect Wardrobe and other discount stores were not catering to other races besides white a while before the skin release:

I love Perfect Wardrobe it’s amazing! The only downfall (like many discount stores) is that skin designers often only have one skin tone as their discount. This skin tone is normally white. As an African American girl (rl and sl), I turn down most discount skins as beautiful as they are because they just aren’t me. It would be great if skin designers offered the same skin in at LEAST three tones (light, medium, dark); even if they are sold separately at the same discount price. I feel so left out at most discount stores/weekly discount shopping, and I am sure others feel the same way. My boyfriend's preferred skin brand is Sorry Asia, yet he turned down the one at PW because there isn’t a dark tone. Perhaps skin designers can think this over ;)

Remember the male rocker skin at Perfect Wardrobe? Yes, Kyle turned it down because they didn't have an African American tone available. I often find myself turning down discount skins for the simple fact that most of the time the skin tone is completely wrong for me. I could be wrong, but I feel as if someoneeee was listening to me. ;) Who knows, maybe we'll see a small variation of skin tones at the next Perfect Wardrobe. \o/
[Read the post about the skins here]
[Read the original post I commented on here] 
Retro Diner, No Pets Allowed
[Cropped, Depth of Field, Lightened]

 Have you noticed the kitten on my shoulder this entry? Well that's the kitty from Collabor88! :) KittyCatS is what they're called, and Collabor88 for the month of November has these limited edition cats for just 88L, along with two weeks worth of starter food for 88L and a pet bed for 88L! \o/ Only one per person, but I have two; they are transferable if you know someone willing to buy you one. ;) *Hugs Kyle* <3 I'm sure you'll see them later on in the blog sometimes, so lookout for these adorable cats in future posts! My female with blue clothing is named Kyoko (Inuoko + Kyle = Kyoko), and my male with purple clothing is named French Fry *giggles a bit at the name*, so keep this is mind. :))

Retro Diner, No Pets Allowed
[Cropped, Lightened]

Bye everyone!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: -Sorry.Asia- ALANA.CHOCOLATE (Simple) *New*
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Short Version)
Hair: .ploom. Asch (streaked) - Browns 2 *New*
Earrings: [ glow ] studio Warsaw's night Earring (green-red) *TDR, New*
Nom Nom - LuTimes - Coke Bottle (Green) *Gatcha*
Necklace: Glamour Designs - Lightning Necklace
Dress: *BOOM* Ever -High-waist mini (militia) *Collabor88*
Belt: *T.Whore*- High Belt Black Black
Bracelets: Izzie's - *A* Wood Bangles brown l/forest r
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long
Ring: LeBloom - Moo Cow Ring
Shoes: [e] Move Pumps - Onyx