Monday, November 07, 2011

Quality Time

Quality Time
[Paintshopped, Cropped]

Hey blog readers~

Saturday, quite spontaneously, Kyle took me out to see a movie. We're the type of couple who like to try and plan things in advance, so I was quite shocked and a little confused if I might add, when he decided that we go see the Puss in Boots movie. Besides it being a branch off of the hilarious Shrek movies, it had plenty of cats. Kyle knows that I can't turn down something with cute cats involved, no matter how much I wanted to stick around Second Life and do my Saturday shopping. I'm not going to give you a full movie review or anything like that, but I will say that Kyle and I had a blast. :) We've been a bit stressed in real life with situations outside of our relationship, and the humorous movie really helped to relieve some stress while giving us some quality time together.

Quality Time
[Depth of Field, Cropped]

I've been talking to Kyle about quality time. Real life affairs often monopolizes our time together. Well, that's life for you. My problem is that when we are together we spend too much time behind our laptops. There's Second Life, Facebook, and more (I usually blog some time after Kyle has gone home). Naturally we do talk while doing these actions, but I want more. I told him that I want some time set aside where we put away our laptops, turn off the TV if for some miraculous reason it ends up on, sit our cellphones aside and just cuddle in each others arms and talk. It is a very amazing connection to have your partners undivided attention like that, and I want more of it in my relationship with Kyle.

Well I suppose i'm done here...See ya~

-Inuoko Shikami \o/

Quality Time
[Depth of Field, Cropped]

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