Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Fawn and the Werewolf

The Fawn and the Werewolf
[Windlight, Paintshopped]

Hello everyone!

I have a big announcement to make! I've decided to no longer mention when I crop photos because it's useless! ;D \o/

I'll still mention when I use Windlight or Paintshop though, so that you know the image has been edited. Personally, I hate buying something that doesn't look nearly the same in world, so I try to point out to you when I have modified the photo.

My graphics card isn't the best, so sometimes I just have to rely on Windlight or Paintshop *shrug*. If an image is too dark, it's just too dark. Also, it's fun to edit photos.

I love photography and graphic art, so I find it exciting to play around and manipulate my Second Life snapshots. I'm no Harlow Heslop, but I do my best. And i'm sure i'm getting a tiny bit better with every post I make. With every post on this blog I make, I have edited at least 1 photo if nothing more. With that one photo, it has given me a reason to play around with Paintshop. I love the experience i'm getting. :)
[Check out Harlow Heslop's blog, which is much like my own]
[Heslop does fantastic photography for low cost!]

The Fawn and the Werewolf

Also, Second Life photography gives me a chance to visit places in to take photos for the blog. I'm always so busy working and shopping in Second Life, I don't always have the time to just find a nice place for Kyle and I to hang out at....for those rare occasions when I actually have time in Second Life to just chillax.

And that leads us to "The Fawn and the Werewolf". If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'd know by now that Kyle is a werewolf is Second Life. Well, today I threw on my hooves from Epic and some horns and played fawn. I would be lying if I said that we made no jokes about being eaten, haha.

The Fawn and the Werewolf

That's all for now! See ya!

 -Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: -Sorry.Asia- ALANA.CHOCOLATE (Night) *Closing soon, HURRY!*
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Short Version)
Horns: Blackstar Inc. ~glamour horns~ silver
Hair: >TRUTH< Faith - java *New*
Necklace: [Diamond] Heart necklace PINK
Earrings: MONS / Earrings - indi (silver)
Outfit: *Epic* Spiked Jumper/One Piece Set {Brown} *New, Cupcakes Event*
Wings/Heart: *BOOM* Aranel's Wings (flared) Black
Belt: ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt - BLACK
Wristband: Cobrahive - Wristband (pianokeys) R
Soda: *Boof* Coke Knock it, Soda
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long
Shoes/Stompers: *Epic* Demon/Faun Autumn Explorer Boot {Pine Cone Pack} *Old Grenade Free Weekend*

PS: A friend just passed me this, if you haven't seen it already. ;)