Tuesday, November 08, 2011

(Don't) Let Me Go

(Don't) Let Me Go
[Paintshopped, Cropped]

Hello everyone! It's far too late for me to be blogging, but I feel the need to even though my eyelids are thinking otherwise >.>'...

(Don't) Let Me Go
[Cropped, Depth of Field]

If the title wasn't enough of a romantic clue, then the photo above should jog that brain of yours. Yes, it's relationship time again.

Kyle and I had a...very "emotional" night. We joked around while Second Life shopping, watched a scary movie with the lights off, and as the end of our afternoon  approached...something went wrong.

Some things were said, all out in the open. Things i've been holding in for far too long. Things i've told a close friend, but was unable to tell him, to burden him. If worse came to worse, someone would know what happened, while Kyle wouldn't find out. Wishful thinking I know; he would have found out anyway, but I just want him to be happy. But well, he knows now. Many tears were shed. The last time I cried that much in front of anyone was do to physical pain thanks to a sibling involving my head and the kitchen tile. But that's another story, isn't it?

No secrets? I'm sorry Kyle, cause that was one...sort of. I actually mentioned it before, but I made light of it; I wasn't sure how else to say it, and surely not so in depth. I've always been pretty independent...probably too independent. I want to learn how to lean on you more. Inside, i've known all along that I can lean on you no matter what...I just have to learn how to do it..

I'm glad that you know now, and yet I feel as if i've just sat a boulder upon your shoulders. What's done is done. I can only ask that you sit the boulder down if it becomes too heavy to bare.

Kyle, i'm sorry...

(Don't) Let Me Go 

I am your angel,
grounded for the rest of your life.

I am not fallen, no;
just held back.

I was to depart a long time ago,
but I am quite delayed.

Delayed by your heart anchoring mine.

So I stay by your side,
our red threads of fate
a mere foot apart.

You don't give me room to fly,
you don't give me room to be free,
and I thank you.

I will depart when you do.
Forever with you,
forever yours.


Well,  goodnight everyone...Perhaps you'll see a bit of a surprise tomorrow~

-Inuoko Shikami :(

(Don't) Let Me Go

 Skin: Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 04 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Tall Version)
Hair: Exile Nyx/bluevelvet
Earrings: (NHA!) -JADE/-Earrings
Necklace: NHA!-  MAYA / -Necklace
Fins: *EC* Lumina - Aqua
Outfit:*EC* Lumina Nymph - Aqua
Belly Chain: [ glow ] studio - Under the Sea - Belly Chain (TDR 37) *Old TDR*
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long
Anklet: BM Fall Leaves Anklet
Boots: N-core  FEET BOXED


Kyle Mathome said...

Hun I want you to always know that I'm here for you. I don't consider it a burden at all that you've told me your secret. Now that I know, I feel even more motivated to make you mine day by day. Mine forever. I love you Inu, more than you'll ever know

Inuoko said...

*blushes* Aww thank you baby <3