Saturday, November 05, 2011

Defender of Love

Defender of Love
[Windlight, Depth of Field]

 Two posts in one night!?!?!!?! O_O!!!

Yes that's right! Even better news? It's poem time!! \o/ Yayy!

Title: Defender of My Heart

I was good to you,
so good to you.

Loving, caring,
and most importantly,
patient. Very patient.

You fell for me quickly,
fast and hard.

Perhaps you bumped your head
on the way down.

Because at some point,
you thought it was the
other way around.

You kept me waiting for you,
like a maiden for a warrior.

You went out on the battlefield,
and lived your own life.

As if you were fighting the battle
of a lifetime,

you seemed to lack any time
to send word to me of
your well-being, or to catch word of mine.

You left me behind where you,
for some reason,
thought I would be safe.

I was safe from the outside world;
I remained yours,
but I was not safe from my emotions.
I could only be so patient.

Maidens wait for their warriors,
but I am not a maiden.

I am a girl from the twenty-first century,
and I got tired of waiting.

Busy is understandable,
but instead of sending someone on horse-back,
we just send a text.

So eventually I joined the battlefield along with you,
just on the other side.

Your best friend,
is now mine.

Cruel? Coldhearted?

It was not a battle strategy,
it was karma, fate.

I just let it happen;
why protect your feelings
when you wouldn't protect mine?

You started this war,
you started it.

Most defended your heart,
told me to join your side
of the war again.

They wanted me to give you
another chance,
but for what?

So that you could destroy
my emotions all over again?

But they did not know;
I was never on your side
of the war.

I was just your maiden back at home.
No more.


I would just like to leave everyone with this message: Never settle in a relationship. If you are unhappy, then get out of it. And don't let friends try and talk you back into it either. It's YOUR life, and if someone is ruining YOUR life then you have every reason to dump them and move on.

 Stay happy,

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Defender of Love

Defender of Love

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