Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011 - The Doll

Halloween 2011 - The Doll

Her dress torn,
she became something
she was never meant to be.

Strings attached to her mind,
she dances for him. 

She is kept like a pretty doll, 
posed this way and that.

She feels like a pretty doll.
The poses make her uncomfortable,
yet she is not lonely when he
plays with her. 

She feels even more unhuman,
and refuses to return to normalsy.
Somehow he seemed more normal than 
the bullies. 

She feels broken between her legs,
he broke her,
and only he can fix her now.

Especially now that her belly swells
to remind her that that night,
she became a doll. 

Strings attached to her mind,
she dances for him.  

 ----------> Meaning of the poem below:
I've been told that his poem could be taken several ways which is fine with me of course...Interpret the way you like. Though, I intended this poem to be about a teenage girl with problems with being bullied at school who is abducted by an older man and raped, kept as a sex slave. Compared to the way the bullies at school teased her, she enjoyed the kind words he would say to her on an emotional level. This tears her between mental safety and physical safety. She knows she should try and break free and escape, yet for once in her life someone other than her parents has something nice to say about her.

Bullies can really destroy ones mind. A person needs to hold some sort of confidence in themselves, and year by year bulling in schools gets worse. In a century where everyone is obsessed with looks, it is the worst feeling to be told by your peers that you are not beautiful, and point out your flaws. Then you end up craving kind words and attention in any kind of situation. Sure this situation is a bit dramatized, but who knows; it could just be a matter of time. It is much like abusive relationships; a low confidence girl meets a guy who says all the right things. She becomes so attached to his emotional kindness she tries to ignore his violence. I was bullied in school and I can honestly say that for quite some time I fell for guys with kind words.


"Halloween is over Inu!"

Yeah yeah yeah...I know. Second Life is running me around like a dog these days. I work at quite a few clubs. Well..Let me start off by spamming you with Halloween photos! \o/

Halloween 2011 - The Doll
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Halloween 2011 - The Doll

Halloween 2011 - The Doll

Halloween 2011 - The Doll

I spent the last hours of my Halloween hosting in club B.E.D (Bodies Enjoy Dance).I was worried that the set would be terrible but well..with Inuoko and the awesome DJane Lissame? Not too bad at all! ;) I had a lot of fun. The club was turned into a spooky graveyard with spooky effects and dancing skeleton! As you can see, Kyle joined me, hee hee. He didn't really need a costume; he's a werewolf anyway. A very cute werewolf. <3 As for myself, I was a marionette doll. Who knew that TDR skin would be useful? ;) I'm kidding! I have major respect for SL Dolls. They're beautiful, flawless, yet delicate. It's a wonderful thing. B.E.D, I love you all! I covered that shift because we're family and i'm there for you whenever I can be. Mwah! <3

Halloween 2011 - The Doll
[Windlight, Cropped]

*Bobs her head to some dubstep on her mp3 player* Tuneeee...! Haha. I've been working really hard in Second Life clubs lately..oh gawd my brain is gonna explode! But well, you meet some very interesting people when working in clubs. I mean, how else did I meet my Second Life bestie DJ Robb? Haha. Oh! Remember he does private parties too..and covers...He's a great DJ. He always plays Katy Perry's "Las Friday Night" for me! Mwah! <3 If you wanna get into contact with him, just drop me a notecard in-world. ;) I'm also his personal host, so you mayyyy be able to get us as a package deal ;).

Halloween 2011 - The Doll

Well...I'm going to prepare for the next entry (tomorrow I hope), so I'm gonna let you go for the night! Thanks for reading! <3

Oh...And I love you Kyle baby <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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