Saturday, April 12, 2014

vString Revolution - Natural

vString Revolution - Natural
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Hello peeps! Guess what? New breasts! <3

I hope you're having a good Saturday so far! Today I have a new pair of mesh breasts to share with you all? "Awwh Inu, MORE breasts?" Yes, more breasts....To be exact?


Yes, Violet Studios has stepped up to the virtual titty plate and released fitted mesh breasts recently! I'm sure you have some questions about them, so I hope to fill you in! 

I purchased the vString Revolution breasts in the "natural" size. Included in all packs are what I have listed below.


  • vString Revolution Implants in 3 shapes
  • vString Physics Layers
  • vString Alpha Layer
  • vString Mini HUD - Optional with some commands and able to open up full menu
  • vString 3 Smart Designer HUD - Allows tinting and texture swapping                   
  • vString Tee Shirt
  • vString 3 Developers Pack  - Tools and documentation for content designers
  • vString Updater 
  • vString 3 Quick Start Guide 

Now that you know what you'd get in the pack, let's get down to the questions. ~

vString Revolution - Natural
[Larger View [X] ]

"What's the difference between mesh breasts and fitted mesh breasts?" Well, simply put, normal mesh breasts are unrigged, while fitted mesh breasts are rigged in a way that allows for them to react to shape changes and physic layers like your system-boobies do.

"Wow! Do these really react to your own shape?" Yep! Breast size, buoyancy, and cleavage all work with these breasts! Use your own or one of the included physics layers to add some bounce!

"Wait...the shape slider doesn't go high enough for me..." These breasts come in a few sizes, so look at all the vendors, and pick your poison!

"Do I have to mod my shape for this?" Well...that's tricky to answer. I think it depends on personal tastes/settings. However, I did mod my shape's breasts a little. Also, remember to not try and use your "mesh breast shape" with this; because the breasts react to your shape's breast size, your mesh breasts will look awkward if your shape's breasts are smooshed.

"What if I don't want them to bounce sometimes?" Simply remove your physics layer, and they will calm. Calm your titties.

"I don't like the included physics layers." Either purchase one off the marketplace (I suggest one that is mod), mod one of the included physics layers, or make your own!

"Can I use any physics layer? I already own one and I like it." Well sure you can, but consider that these breasts are larger than your system-boobs, so you may want to adjust the jiggle-factor a bit! So yes you can, but you may wish to mod the layer a bit.

"Do I have to buy new appliers/wait for my favorite designers to make them?" If your favorite creators already have Lolas! Tangos skin and/or clothing appliers created, and you own said appliers, then you're good to go! Though, Tangos nipple appliers are currently not supported. However, the hud includes a few nipple textures + tinting, and I do like the cute nipple shapes included with these breasts. I hope to see nipple applier support in the future. Also, keep in mind that skin/clothing appliers made for Tangos will work with these breasts, but not everything will be a "perfect fit"l we're talking about two different products here. I think it works rather well though.

"Any interesting features outside of things already mentioned?" I think it's interesting that they can be RLV locked by your owner.

"Any known issues or problems?"
As I stated above, nipple appliers are not compatible; that's a bit of a letdown, but it wasn't enough to detour me from purchasing this product. If you're nipple-picky and/or expose your njps a lot, you may or may not be okay with the nipples. Just try the demo and decide if you can live with it or not. I feel as if there will be an update for this at some point.

Depending your physics and shape settings versus the skin you're wearing, your system-boobs might poke through underneath mid-bounce a bit.

If you use one of the included physics layers, belly's max effect is at about 3. This can cause a gap if you wear a mesh butt + alpha. Right click edit the physics layer, go to the belly tab, and turn the max effect to 0.

Zoom in close, right click your boobs, select the skin layer, go to the texture tab, and hit the "color" pad. The boobs are tinted gray slightly. You may wish to set it to white. I remember a similar thing happened with Tangos. (ty Jamease Constantine for the tip!)

Lastly, a very small grievance are the 1L demos, but honestly I feel as if it is justified. The demo includes everything outside of applier-support you need to test your breasts. You can see how they fit, and see them bounce. In a case like this, I think the 1L demo probably just safe-guards them a tiny bit from botters.

"Do I have to pay for updates?" Nope! free updates!

"What updates for this product would you like to see in the future?" Well, nipple applier support of some kind of course; would be awesome if it was Tangos compatible, but it doesn't have to be. I would also love to see more RLV support in the future, such as nipple-leashing and/or some other interesting idea.

"Any last minute advice, Inu?" Yes! DEMO. DEMO. DEMO. The demo even includes a physics layer, so...take your time, see how it looks...Use your ao, your favorite dance(s)...Decide if it's worth it!

"I'm a blogger, so do I.."need" these?", I mean unless you do videos haha. I do think they handle ambient occlusion better than Tangos's updated version, on fitted-mesh enabled Firestorm Viewer.

"I have the breasts do I get the menu?" Click your chest area, not the tits themselves. Also, if you're asking this, you should probably attach the quick-start guide included, and do a bit of reading!

As always, i'm always here to try and help you out with a product I tell you about, but i'm no expert, so tough questions should be directed towards the creator. I sent the creator a notecard (preferred way of communication) the creator Hemi Violet a question, and got a friendly, speedy response! I love when I come across a nice creator!

(Note: I do know my jiggle-factor isn't exactly "realistic", but I wanted it semi-realistic, yet still bouncy and fun!)

[TP To: Violet Studios [X] ]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Baby :: C tone
Hair: +Spellbound+ [X] Momo // No Buns
Eyes: !ChopShop! [X] Ulzzang

Pasties: vString (Included in breasts)
Panties: Gawk! Black Mini Panties - Applier
Shoes: [L.Warwick] [X] Miranda -High Platform Wedge- Noir *New*

Tail: .{yumyums}. Frisky Succubus Tail {Spring I}
Butt: [uLukie] [X] Ghetto Booty No.01


cherylblossoms said...

ohhh wohooo I like it!! <3 i really like the shape.. the massive the better lol

Inuoko Shikami said...

@cherry: :D! <3

Kyle Mathome said...

I agree the massive the better <3 * huffs and puffs*

Anonymous said...

sexy =3

Anonymous said...

This was helpful to see on someone else, I've been considering taking the leap into testing them all out, so yay! They look super ossum.

Could I also be a derp, and ask where on the grid the couples dance is from in the video?

Kantbe Thursday said...

I'm a little late to this FAQ, but one thing I'd like to see differently with the demo is to not have the breasts covered up. I like to see the overall shape, areola, and nipples.